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REMINDER - Help & Advice rules/guidelines


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Recently, the Moderating Team have noticed an unfortunate increase in the number of posts that are, to be quite blunt, less than helpful. Please keep in mind when posting that this is a Help & Advice forum. When someone comes here for help, it is our responsibility to try to help them the best we can. Even if the "correct" or helpful information is provided, it is not acceptable for someone to feel like they are under attack or feel belittled. To this end, from now on one-word posts or posts that are making no real attempt to help answer the original question will be removed. We're not going to give a warning for every single post, but if you make too many of these posts, you may well find yourself with a message from one of the Moderators regarding the issue.
When you are answering someone's question, just take a moment to ask: Is what I'm about to post helpful from their perspective? Think about their stats/ability/game knowledge and whether or not you are providing enough detail to reasonably help them out. If they don't provide stats, that makes it a little harder to judge, but asking for them to specify stats is always a legitimate question.
At the same time, don't feel intimidated from posting if you have something genuine to contribute. We are quite capable of sorting out what is a sincere effort to help and what is more along the lines of a snide remark. Even if you make a mistake, keep in mind we all do, and that's perfectly fine - don't be offended if someone corrects you though!
Ultimately, we are here to make Help & Advice, along with the rest of the forums, a better place for everyone - that means newcomers to our forums who may be a bit shy and regulars alike. We want people to feel comfortable posting threads asking for help when they need it. Something that can take only a minute to answer for someone with the knowledge can be hard to find or look up for someone without that firsthand experience. If you have comments or suggestions regarding the boards, forums, etc., feel free to make a thread in our Forum Updates & Suggestions board or, if you want to comment more privately, feel free to send a PM to one of the moderators or admins.

The Tip.It Moderating Team

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