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Please prevent unusual script insertions...


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Hello, Forum Staff... :mellow:


While browsing the forums earlier today, my FireFox profile and I encountered the following script link...


As I happen to run the NoScript extension (and AdBlock Plus, in order to find the exact location) for security purposes, this meant that I also got bothered by an extra notification bar at the bottom of the screen.  What really got to me is that this happened on a site I trust to never contain sudden random remote script calls.  I don't know how it got there, or why it got there, as the system I am on is known to be clean in the first place.  The only thing I do know is that, when it showed up, I was on the following thread...


Weirdly, it only showed up once, and even though it didn't execute, it didn't show up again.  I therefore have to ask, is there anything you can do to prevent odd, mysterious script calls being placed through this forum's pages?  Has someone here with more power than a normal member perhaps made this item part of a randomizer on their forum signature?  Seeing something like this is pretty rattling, and I would hate to think what would happen if something like this was actually able to mess with other people's systems where they had not gone to the same lengths to protect things. :blink:


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(Warning: This user can be VERY confusing to some people... And talks in 3rd person for the timebeing due to how insane they are... Sometimes even to themself.)

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My guess is that it was called by an advert somewhere on the page. Regular users aren't even able to add HTML to their signature, much less JavaScript. Ads are served by Google and presumably randomized every time, so I don't think anything could be done other than passing on the information about the advert. I think there's a popup that comes the first time to visit for the day, and I'm not sure if that's it. I'm not quite sure I understand though - what is the issue with that link exactly (which is probably out of our control)?

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