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Looking for a home/family

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My name is Addison.

I'm 27 years old. And I'm a casual gamer.

Sometimes hardcore, maybe? Maybe not... I do have work now haha.

(But have Wednesday-Friday off for Thanksgiving then a couple weeks for Christmas)


I just recently came back to Runescape again under a new account.

It's been awhile for me since I last played.

I have all this excitement/hype/motivation and dedication to play Runescape.

I've always loved Runescape and I always will, it's in my heart forever :P


I just wanted to find a really newbie-friendly, and I mean REALLY friendly, clan of people!

I'd love to find a new home/family to settle in and be with for a long time.

A clan not looking to quit Runescape anytime soon. I'll be around for a long while, would love for the clan to be as well :)

A home/family that doesn't mind if I ask to many questions and teach me the ropes of Runescape for a little while =)


I believe I would be a good asset to your clan because:


-I'm a very friendly person and love to socialize and make friends.


-The better I get on Runescape, the more help I can be to others that are new, or even help others more experienced than I am with farming, skills, etc.

I just really love to help others out in need.. I always go out of my way to help others out.


-I love to help a clan/guild/team out any way possible (For this game, Clan Citadel) just tell me what has to be done and I'm on it!


-I think I'm already running out of reasons, I'm sure there's plenty more but I can't think of them right now :3

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Heyya Addiii!


The Brotherhood is an Old School Runescape clan that was established in June 2016. Although relatively new, The Brotherhood was founded by previous clan leaders and founders with over 5 years of experience leading.
The Brotherhood is made by the members and for the members. Our goal as a clan is to create an environment of commradery for our members and friends and for the Old School Runescape community. To promote this environment we listen to what our members want and we try our best to build a clan that supports those needs. 
Check out our website and information page http://brotherhoodrs.enjin.com
we hope to see you in the future

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