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Vengeance | A Rune Pure & Range Tank Clan | #1 Community

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~A Rune Pure & Range Tank Clan~


Official Clan Intro


More videos coming soon!



Unofficial monday trip - The usual :)




Welcome to Vengeance's Official Clan Recruitment Thread.

Vengeance is going for an extremely organized Rune Pure/Range Tank Clan. We're a fun loving community with people from all around the world. We have people from every timezone in Vengeance.
Vengeance have their own Forums and requires Teamspeak3 for communication.

As a founder of the clan I can tell you that I've been part of clanning since 2006 and that I started playing Runescape since 2003. After being part of the leadership in a pure clan for more than 3 years I decided to go Zerk on one of my maxed pure accounts. When I realized that there wasn't any official Rune Pure / Range Tank Clans out there anymore in OSRS I wanted to create one myself since I knew I had the capability to do so. I have experience with leading trips, managing a community, creating forums, creating teamspeak servers and so on... The main goal is to create such a clan like Higher Force or Valhalla back in the day (pre-eoc). Which means that Vengeance will be run professionally, have the organization and experience. For obvious reasons this will take time, experience and the right people to do so.

We decided to name the clan 'Vengeance' because we wanted something that both Rune Pures and Range Tanks have in common with each other.


Depending on your build you have to meet one of the following 2 stats requirements:

Rune Pure - Voider - Zerker
60+Att | 85+Str | 40-45Def | 80+Range or 85+Mage | 43+Pray
Range Tank - Mage Tank
70+Def | 85+Range or 85+Mage | 43+Pray | Att+Str must be less than 148 combined

If you do not meet the stats requirements:
You may try to apply with lower stats or a different build. Your attitude, knowledge of pking and combat level will be the main deciding factor in that case.
You must have Barrows gloves.
If you're still questing for bgloves you can only be part of the public section of the clan until you meet all of the requirements.
You must have Teamspeak3 downloaded!
You are not required to have a microphone, however, you must use teamspeak in order to listen to commands given by leaders during PVP events or communication with fellow members on PVM events.

DcLU9C9.png 3. JOINING DcLU9C9.png

Interested in joining us? Well, here's how:

  • First, you'll want to come into our in-game public friend's chat 'V Public' and get to know the community.
  • The next, most important step, is to register on our Forums, introduce yourself, get 10 post count and then you'll be able to post your Member Application.

Our application process is very simple (6 questions) and the current requirements are reasonably low for the moment because we're just starting up the clan.

DcLU9C9.png 4. CLAN INFO DcLU9C9.png

Vengeance's Forums: tastevengeance.com
Vengeance's Clan Chats:

  • V_Public (public chat - everyone can join)
  • V_Event (official events - only applicant+ can join)

Vengeance's Home World: W346
Vengeance's Team Cape: Team Cape 16
Vengeance's Teamspeak3 Server: v.teamspeak3.com

DcLU9C9.png 5. RANKS DcLU9C9.png

Click the Spoiler to see the explanation of all of our available ranks.

Clan Chat Rank: General EOzbaue.png
Description: Generals have the ability to kick/ban people, setup events/clan wars, also make changes to the clan! Each leader has special traits and a huge wealth of knowledge towards the game and the clan.

Clan Chat Rank: Captain EgIt9r1.png
Description: Warlords have the ability to kick/ban people. They also help to plan and organise clan events. Will try to answer any questions and member has regarding the game/clan they will often help members with disputes and give advice when requested.

Clan Chat Rank: Captain AhfBeS9.png
Description: Councils have the ability to kick/ban people. They're considered the first step in high leadership, are loyal clan members and are true veterans of this game. They have worked hard to get to this stage.

Clan Chat Rank: Sergeant up45iP7.png
Description: These members have shown great commitment towards the clan, have attended a decent amount of trips and achieved the required stats.

Clan Chat Rank: Corporal k69oPn3.png
Description: These members have shown commitments towards the clan and have attended a decent amount of events.

Clan Chat Rank: Recruit A4BgJev.png
Description: These members are new to the clan.

Clan Chat Rank: Smiley 5uHll8s.png
Description: People that are currently on Trial.

Clan Chat Rank: None.
Description: People not in the clan.

Clan Chat Rank: None. Banned for life.
Description: Traitors, Scammers, Hackers, Kids with anger issues or people who simply broke one of the rules.

DcLU9C9.png 6. RULES DcLU9C9.png

  • NO Flaming or Flame baiting. NEVER flame a fellow clan member or a player from another clan. You shouldn't respond to the flame or flame bait(*) but rather ignore and collect evidence (pictures, videos ect.) and present it to the ranks. Action will be taken accordingly.
  • NO Ignoring instructions. You are to listen to the higher ranks and do what is asked of you within reason. If you refuse to do so you may be kicked from the trip and/or booted depending on the velocity of you actions.
  • NO Disrespecting a clan member. You should NEVER disrespect a fellow clan member from Vengeance (this includes being Racist/Trolling and Flaming). Treat everyone equally and treat everyone how you would want to be treated.
  • NO Unethical behavior. You are NOT to hack, scam, lie or report (even if you are joking) your fellow Vengeance members. This rule extends to the forums, Teamspeak and also while in-game playing Runescape.
  • NO Unpreparedness. We want you to become an organized member of Vengeance, This means you keep up to date with Vengeance and its upcoming events. Don't turn up to a PK Trip/Prep/ Mini War without the right gear and/or supplies.
  • FOLLOW the Rules of Runescape. Other than our previous clan rules you also have to follow the Rules of Runescape for obvious reasons.

*These are the Rules and Regulations that you must follow if you are to join/remain in Vengeance, breaking or disregarding these rules and regulations WILL affect your position within the clan.



The biggest Rune Pure & Range Tank Clan in OSRS.


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