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07Kit - Free Open Source OSRS Client


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Apologies if this is against the rules, I'm just trying to get word out about a new open source OSBuddy alternative.






About the client


07Kit boasts a large number of plugins that help make the game even more enjoyable.

Our feature set covers everything from skill helpers (mining, woodcutting, runecrafting etc.) to overlays displaying combat information, highlighting loot and loads more.


The client is actively maintained and gets new updates constantly, with a couple of big updates coming out in the next few weeks.

Follow our progress on new features via our Medium blog (https://blog.07kit.com), where we try to post updates on new things we're working on.


You can read more about, sign up to and download 07Kit - 07Kit - Add-on client for OldSchool RuneScape




We'll be filling this section with answers to some of the commonly asked questions.


Q: Difference between OSBuddy?

A: Currently we have a few features that OSBuddy does not and we are working daily on adding more. We're hoping to take the client in a different direction to OSBuddy and focus a lot more on bringing community back into the game by building features that improve gameplay with friends and clans. We'll be releasing some updates on this soon. The big difference is we are FREE and OPEN SOURCE and we want the community to drive development of the client.


Q: Why free?

A: We in initially tried to be a premium competitor however without the trust of the community it's very hard. We've instead decided to release our source code so you can see we don't do anything malicious.


Here's a GIF of one of our unique features:


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