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Dimension of Disaster : 5. SUBQUEST - CURSE OF ARRAV


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To obtain the jar, talk to Ernie upstairs in the building directly east of Aubury's rune shop. Ernie wants you to fill a Cooking urn, which he gives you, in exchange for the jar. Ensure you do not have a cooking urn in progress in the real world. Head to the pasture north of Ernie's house and kill Zombie cows for 10-11 pieces of undead meat (more may be needed if some are burnt or if you have a higher Cooking level). Cook these on a range (the nearest one is in the building across the street to the west of Aubury's rune shop) until the cooking urn is full. Return to Ernie to exchange it for a canopic jar. Alternatively, just click on it to teleport it and gaining Cooking experience - causing Ernie to automatically receive the urn.



This part is not right. The meat has be to cooked inside the building Ernie is in. If not it doesnt effect the urn.


Best regards,



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Hi Meraxas,


Welcome to the forums. 


I have just checked this with the range west of Aubury's shop and cooking food there did start to fill the urn.


I did notice that when my inventory was full the urn didn't start to fill, I had to remove one item so I didn't have a full inventory. I have submitted a bug report about it, I am assuming it is due to the recent change in urns (they are now stackable) and you need to have one space free even if there is only one urn in that stack. I will make note of this in the quest guide.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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