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  1. Hi Meraxas, Welcome to the forums. I have just checked this with the range west of Aubury's shop and cooking food there did start to fill the urn. I did notice that when my inventory was full the urn didn't start to fill, I had to remove one item so I didn't have a full inventory. I have submitted a bug report about it, I am assuming it is due to the recent change in urns (they are now stackable) and you need to have one space free even if there is only one urn in that stack. I will make note of this in the quest guide. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  2. Hi Noble K, Thanks for catching that mistake. I have corrected the task guide and added your name to the credits. Thanks again :)
  3. Behind the Scenes | November 2015 This month's focused around a world-spanning slayer challenge from the one and only Raptor, with a new monster to fight each week and double Slayer XP from daily assignments, given by the big fella himself. We've also got a long-awaited update to defenders, awesome divination outfits and the closed beta of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. ---------------------------------------------------------- Raptor's Challenge For the month of November, the Raptor has undertaken one of Gielinor's most noble callings – being a slayer master! Any RuneScape member – of any Slayer level - can try their hand at completing Raptor’s assignments, for double Slayer XP and the opportunity to unlock some cracking new rewards. There's a special suit of Raptor-themed cosmetic armour available, one that can upgrade its looks if you take on four brand new slayer monsters that we are releasing throughout the month. Each has a unique drop and devious combat mechanics, and requires 96 Slayer. All of these magnificent creations came from you via RuneLabs and the polls, so if you die horribly, you'll have to blame Anarchy Time, Omnis, Syrus Coy and Adelunth for their brutal ideas! Firstly there are wyverns – horrific beasts that live in the freezing conditions of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. You'll have to keep an eye on the hostile environment to defeat these bad boys, and hope that they'll drop the new lvl 85 wyvern crossbow with its powerful passive damage-over-time effect. Next up are ripper demons, the horrible reality behind the legend established in One Piercing Note. Lurking in a cave near Al Kharid and equipped with powerful claws, these guys are highly mobile, leaping from the shadows and preying on the unready with devastating effect. Their unique drop is the level 85 ripper demon claws, which become more damaging the lower your opponent's health is. Camel warriors are far from comedic, although they do look very strange indeed. These mysterious soldiers are investigating an island east of Sophanem, and are capable of using both magic and physical violence. You'll have to be wary of their mirage-based tactics and adapt accordingly. They drop the awesome level 85 camel staff, which can reduce the accuracy of your target's own attacks as it's used. Finally - without doubt my favourite of the four - are the giant Acheron mammoths. These huge, lumbering beasts live on a distant iceberg and have a surprising turn of speed. They're capable of trampling you into the ground like a puny insect or smashing you about with their relentless charge. They have a particularly awesome unique drop – the ingredients to make a level 99 summoning pouch for a new best-in-slot beast of burden! All four of these new high-level mobs can drop key parts that - when combined together - open Raptor's chest to access even more rewards. ---------------------------------------------------------- Defenders There’ll be brand new defenders being added from level 70 all the way up to level 90. Right now, we’re just releasing the melee versions, with ranged and magic defenders coming out later. The new defenders are drops from the Barrows, Nex and the Kalphite King, but you’ll need to grab the lower-tiered defenders before you have a chance to get the higher ones. So grab your dragon defender and get ready to cross the world to find all three of the tasty new weapons. There are a few extra steps to completing each one, so keep a look out for more info on them over the next few weeks. --------------------------------------------------------- Divine Simulacrum | Rares We're adding Divine Simulacrum outfits to Treasure Hunter that can speed up your divination training, and can be combined for even greater divination-related rewards. We're also giving you an extra chance to grab those rare items from the Rare Store - increasing rare tokens for a special weekend and reducing the token price of the rares themselves. ---------------------------------------------------------- Chronicle | Closed Beta Finally, I'm very proud to announce that the closed beta for our brand new strategy card game – Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - will be launching on the 25th of November. It's a fantastic game that's well worth trying out, so pop over to the Chronicle website, watch the trailer and sign up for the beta! It's the perfect game to play while training those low-intensity skills. As a closed beta, we will be inviting a few thousand people at a time from those signed up, with more being added later, so get in quick!
  4. Tuska has been laid low by the mighty Godless, and she's made a heck of a dent. ______________________________ Courtesy of RuneLabs and F D C's original idea, you can now use your vis wax to charge up quick lodestone teleports. Last – but not least – the Ninjas have given you two new Grand Exchange slots – one for everyone, and one for members. Read on for further details! Tuska Falls ______________________________ After a month-long battle, Tuska's reign of galactic terror has been brought to an end by Gielinor's Godless. She's careened through the planet's atmosphere, and crashed to a lifeless halt. You can still access the Tuska D&D by clicking the magical barrier near to Wizard Chambers, and purchase the Tuska World Event rewards – albeit at an increased points cost – from Chambers himself. Note that the previous World Event armour sets are no longer available from the Tuska rewards shop. If you'd like to rewatch the cutscene that plays on first log-in after today's update, you can do so by talking to Chambers. But this is much more than a monument to Gielinor's victory over the beast goddess. From next week, the portal on Tuska's back will open, giving you access to a strange new world. Get ready to venture to Mazcab – home to the goebies, and to RuneScape's all-new Raids! Quick Lodestone Teleports | RuneLabs ______________________________ An awesome RuneLabs idea from F D C comes to fruition today, as we bring you quick lodestone teleports. Using charges, your lodestone teleports can be made as quick as a location-specific Magic-skill teleport. Convert your vis wax to charges through its conversion interface, at a rate of 1 wax for 10 charges. Then, you can tick the 'Quick Charges' check box on the lodestone map to automatically use up charges, or manually select when to use them by right-clicking a destination and clicking 'Quick Teleport'. To use quick lodestone teleports, you'll need to be a member, have unlocked the lodestone in question, and meet Magic level requirements for each: Burthorpe - 5 MagicAshdale - 5 MagicTaverley -10 MagicLumbridge - 10 MagicAl Kharid - 15 MagicVarrock - 15 MagicDraynor Village - 20 MagicPort Sarim - 25 MagicCatherby - 30 MagicFalador - 35 MagicEdgeville - 40 MagicEagle's Peak - 45 MagicCanifis - 50 MagicKaramja - 50 MagicSeer's Village - 55 MagicArdougne - 60 MagicYanille - 65 MagicOo'glog - 65 MagicRellekka - 70 MagicLunar - 75 MagicTirannwn - 75 MagicBandit Camp - 80 MagicWilderness - 85 MagicPrifddinas - 90 Magic Don't forget to check out RuneLabs, if you haven't recently, and submit your ideas for story questions to be answered in a medium-sized quest. Have Fun! ______________________________ Enjoy some expeditious adventures this week, and get ready to explore Mazcab from next Monday's update! The RuneScape Team In Other News ______________________________ Grand Exchange functions have been expanded and improved. Thanks Ninjas! Two new transaction slots – one for everyone, one for members.The Grand Exchange and Sale History interfaces have been merged. Look out for further tweaks to the interface in the future.Buy offer searches now include inventory-style icons.Companion App GE functionality has been updated accordingly. [hide] Graphical: Arrav - in the Dominion Tower, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav, and Ritual of the Mahjarrat - has been graphically updated.Zemouregal (rejuvenated and skeletal) - in the Dominion Tower, the Nadir saga, Defender of Varrock, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The World Wakes, and Missing, Presumed Death - has been graphically updated.Armoured zombies in the Dominion Tower, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The World Wakes and Missing, Presumed Death have been graphically updated.The armoured zombies in Dimintheis' chain lightning cutscene at the end of Defender of Varrock have been updated.A graphical issue when female characters wore both the firemaker's tabard and TokHaar-Kal cape has been fixed.A missing lamp post has been restored to the first floor of Lletya.Both main and off-hand variants of the rubber chicken and turkey will now sheathe to the correct position.Willow and yew shieldbow strings now stay attached to the bow when fired.Pernix chaps and Tuska warpriest legs will no longer clip through capes.Shadow knight legs no longer stretch on female characters.Quests, Challenges and Achievements: The logic of the Hero's Welcome post-quest fight has been improved to prevent the target from head-smashing walls.Skulgrimen no longer speaks about V before the Hero's Welcome quest is started.A typo in V's journal has been fixed.Players can no longer grief other players by using mithril bars on mithril dragons during the Hero's Welcome quest – they must be used on a dragon engaged in combat first by the user.The first balcony cutscene in Zemouregal's Wilderness base in Defender of Varrock has been reworked.The sacred forge cutscene in Defender of Varrock has been reworked.The Barrows Brothers now correctly start to attack Arrav after he is summoned during a cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat.Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscenes have been updated to use letterbox mode, and some camera angles have been fixed.Arrav's heart is now put into his chest during the fourth wave of a Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscene.The aim of an armoured zombie that breaks the fourth wall (with a throwing axe) in a Defender of Varrock cutscene has been improved.Armoured zombies in Varrock during Defender of Varrock are more responsive when hunting Varrock guards.Players unable to progress with One of a Kind after a Defence reset will now be able to continue again by talking to Unferth.Other: The early bird bonus for adamant and rune dragons has now ended.Mr Ex now offers players an option to never remove Ironman mode.Players now need to wait 7 days to remove Ironman mode, in case a player has been hijacked. This can be bypassed by registering an authenticator to the account.The herald standing near the Wilderness lodestone has been PKed.A typo in the Demon Flash Mobs minigame information has been fixed.The name of babydragon bones has been amended to baby dragon bones.Lunet - assistant to Haf in the Prifddinas battlestaff shop - no longer has an examine message that refers to her as "shifty".Players can no longer place a treasure chest on duck digging spots on the beach.A typo in the name of the Buried in Sand rest token has been fixed.The beachball is now a free-to-play item.A debug message previously displayed when throwing disks with a full inventory has been removed.The 'check charges' option has been removed from the cosmetic mad necklace.The 'dismantle' option on passive Godswords now works as intended.The correct message is now displayed when stringing a shieldbow with a crystal knife.An issue where a tooltip was displaying 'Null Familiar' when using Winter Storage scrolls from the action bar has been fixed.The slayer masters' tip for celestial dragons has been tweaked, as rune dragons have usurped them as the strongest dragons.Mutated zygomites can no longer be killed when a player has an empty fungicide spray can.A rune dragon that spawned in an inaccessible corner of Mount Firewake has been moved further north.Ninja Fixes: Players can now open a beast of burden's inventory into a tab to allow for easier use.Players using non-Legacy interface mode can click on the summoning points bar to toggle displaying familiar special attack points.Players can now access a beast of burden's inventory directly from the bank by switching the inventory tab.Turael/Spria will now correctly point players towards south-west of Lumbridge for their spider slayer assignment. Additional spiders have surfaced in the area.The Varrock Fur Shop's interface has been graphically updated.The state of the impling list in Puro Puro will now be remembered across game sessions.The impling list in Puro Puro is now sorted by level, and the Hunter level required can be seen in a tooltip.Players can now teleport from the bridge and next to the bank chest on the Hefin agility course.Players can now hover over the Voice of Seren icons in Prifddinas to see their benefits.Opened ornate chests in the Al Kharid palace now have 'search' as their left-click option, rather than 'close'.Some combination potion daily challenges' reward values have been slightly rebalanced to make them more worthwhile.A feedback message has been added when toggling the various audio mute options.Ship speeds in Player-Owned Ports have been tweaked. The Speed stat is now more important and the minimum voyage times have been lowered.An issue where the Player-Owned Ports voyage duration was not updating correctly until the 'Edit Ship' interface was opened has been fixed.As mentioned in today's news, Grand Exchange functions have been expanded and improved. Thanks Ninjas! Two new transaction slots – one for everyone, one for members.The Grand Exchange and Sale History interfaces have been merged. Look out for further updates to the interface in the future.Buy offer searches now include inventory-style icons.Companion App GE functionality has been updated accordingly.[/hide]
  5. I'm here god knows how long (and playing a few years longer) and I've stopped trying...
  6. You kind of can, get your defence level reset to 1 and a load of quests will be rest... Not sure what quests can be rest by resting your prayer level But then you have to relevel prayer and defence every time. Not every time, just the once...? EDIT: The quests that are reset when you reset your defence level: Back to my rootsBetween a rockBirthright of the dwarvesBlood runs deepThe branches of darkmeyerThe brink of extinctionA clokwork syringeThe curse of arravDarkness of HallowvaleDefender of varrockDo no evilDream mentorElemental workshop 3 and 4Fairy tale 1, 2 and 3Forgivenss of a choas dwarfThe fremennik islesThe fremennik trialsGlorious memoriesHeroes' questHoly grailIn aid of the myrequeIn search of the myrequeKing of the dwarvesKing's ransomLegacy of seergazeLegends' questLove storyLunar diplomacyThe mighty fallMonkey madnessNature spiritNomad's requiemOlaf's questOne of a kindRecipe for Disaster - Sir amik varze, lumbrige sage, and monkey ambassador sub quests onlyTirual of the MahjarratRoyal troubleSalt in the woundA soul's baneThe temple at senntistenThrone of miscellaniaThe void stares backWhat lies belowWhile Guthix SleepsThe blood pactDragon slayer
  7. You kind of can, get your defence level reset to 1 and a load of quests will be rest... Not sure what quests can be rest by resting your prayer level
  8. Are you sure because I think I remember Jagex at one point settting min price for some items on the GE so they would never go below that price?
  9. You can no longer set a cannon up on Tuska...:/ Thanks Jagex :(
  10. So maybe we'll finally get to finish that boat they have been building the last how many years?
  11. Your link is broken because it has "here" at the end (so it links to https://mobile.twitter.com/JagexDaze/status/613353377553104896here). So https://twitter.com/JagexDaze/status/613353377553104896 <- that link should work.
  12. I think there is a bug with artisans workshop on the burial armour swapping interface. If you swap the armour you are creating to match what the instructions are you won't get the extra 10% bonus. To get the 10% bonus you need to stop what you are making and start making the piece the instructions mention.
  13. Hey thanks for that it was grand. I have added the Aquarium items to the construction tables http://www.tip.it/runescape/tables/construction?table=Aquarium and I will add your name to the credits on the Construction guide. Thanks :)
  14. Thanks Howlin, already edited in and added it in a spoiler due to hefty length of it. ~Miss Lioness
  15. Not everyone is as lucky as that...(I know not everyone is as unlucky as this though)...
  16. Or if you are like me you'll find one in your bank that you won and never realised!
  17. Dive into your very own aquarium in today's player-polled Construction and Fishing update. Pack it to the gills with fish from all over Gielinor and kit out its two floors with a huge variety of accessories, décor and nautical knick-knacks. Introduce a prawnbroker and unlock perks aplenty: including baitless fishing; great white shark to catch, cook and keep as pets; and the ability to cook sushi: high-level food with additional restorative properties. Read on for more information! ___________________________ How to start Requirements You must be a RuneScape member 63 Construction 20 Fishing is required to catch fish for the aquarium Construction At 63 Construction, head to your player-owned house and click on a ground-floor door to build your aquarium. It spans two levels: a dry room on the surface, and the aquarium itself beneath. Note that this update brings a +1 increase to the maximum rooms available at any given level. The surface room is traditional POH fare, containing hotspots that can be filled with decorative items, and some important functional ones. This is also where you'll place the prawnbroker, who unlocks reward perks and controls various aquarium-related settings, and a diving suit, which unlocks resource harvesting options in the aquarium below. Crucially, it includes the bathysphere, which allows you to add fish to the aquarium, and to head down yourself. The aquarium itself is a whole different kettle of fish: instead of hotspots, it's a grid-based area where you can freely place the various available items. These include: Harvesting nodes, yielding seaweed, kelp, pearls and other gems, planks – even elite clue scrolls – on a regular basis.Large, decorative items which grant passive boosts to catch chance at fishing areas around the world.Smaller, purely cosmetic decorations, such as cannons, coral, anchors and stone heads.Plugs, which – when you've collected all the available fish for the aquarium – allow you to reset it. Meant for the most dedicated among you, this prestige option means starting again, but grants you decorative plug locations the first and second times. Fishing From 20 Fishing, you will occasionally find a golden fish egg while fishing around the world. Using a golden fish egg on the bathysphere will introduce a fish of the type you were catching to the aquarium: TroutSalmonTunaRainbow fishLobsterLeaping troutSwordfishLava eelLeaping salmonMonkfishLeaping sturgeonSharkCavefishRocktail You will always receive the fish that you were catching when you found the egg, and you can only collect each fish once – unless you reset your aquarium with a plug. ________________________________________________ Prawn Rewards As you fish, you will occasionally receive prawn balls or prawn crackers, which can be opened for some fantastically fishy rewards. Prawn balls are opened solo, while prawn crackers are opened with a friend for a reward each. Opening one grants you a reward from a special drop table, which includes prawn coins (consumables which temporarily increase your chance to fish up golden fish eggs), decorations for your aquarium, and – rarely – golden fish eggs for random fish that you don't own, including any for which you don't meet the Fishing requirements. Once you've got a prawnbroker in your surface room, you can start acquiring prawn perks. You'll get one of these each time you get a golden fish egg, and can get more as you acquire prawn balls or prawn crackers. Each prawn perk unlocks a benefit or reward on the prawn perks progression tree, which can be viewed by speaking to the prawnbroker. These include more frequent prawn balls and crackers, the ability to fish without bait, the ability to cook sushi, and a whole lot more. The great white shark is a new addition to RuneScape's marine wildlife. Once its prawn perk is unlocked, it can be caught at any shark fishing spot at level 80 Fishing; is available for your aquarium and as a floating, surface-world pet; and can be used in new sushi cooking recipes. Note that – should you reset your aquarium with a plug - your prawn perk unlocks will not be reset, including your great white shark. ______________________________________ Have Fun! There's fathoms of fishy fun to be had as you build and fill your aquarium. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums! The RuneScape 'Guardians' Team ______________________________________ Solomon's Store – Vitality Suit Get your hands on the all-new Vitality Suit – in stock later today at Solomon's Store! This eye-catching new override outfit is designed to visually represent your health. As you lose life points, the luminous stripes on the suit will change from their original colour – your choice of green or blue - to a moody red. ______________________________________ In Other News You can now enable timestamps for chat messages, based on your local time zone – a RuneLabs idea developed by the Ninja Team. This feature can be toggled using the Interface Settings window.Fancy earning some extra RuneCoins or Keys? Try out SuperRewards – our new offer provider. Just click 'Earn' in Solomon's or Treasure Hunter to find out more.Read the patch notes for other updates released today. [spoiler=Patch notes] Skills, D&Ds & Minigames: Free-to-play players can no longer smith pickaxes that require a members-only quest.Players no longer gain benefits from pulse cores in the Duel Arena.A typo in the Crucible's supreme weapons tutorial has been fixed.Quests, Challenges and Achievements: Dishonour among Thieves is no longer referred to as Zamorak Heist on the website.A summary for Dishonour among Thieves has been added when speaking to Juna about past adventures.The Dimension of Disaster subquests now only check inventory space for lamp rewards the first time each one is completed.Several audio fixes have been made in New Varrock, so certain effects can only be heard by the player that triggers them.Palkeera's journal no longer refers to Azzanadra.Other: The accuracy and defence debuffs of Sap, Leech, Turmoil, Anguish and Torment have been made stronger.Eating in PvP will no longer lower the global cooldown on abilities.Binding a target in PvP will now correctly bind them at their current location, instead of on arrival at their last chosen destination.Drinking a replenishment potion is once again restricted to the adrenaline potion cooldown. This can be bypassed for just the restore potion effect by right-clicking and selecting "Drink restore".Players can no longer reclaim blood ethereal legs after trading them.Players will no longer receive an incorrect warning message when changing gender at the Makeover Mage with chameleon extract applied.Music volumes have been adjusted, so when the volume sliders are aligned the balance of music in relation to other sounds is improved.A full-stop has been added at the end of the Player-Owned Ports mystic portal examine.Ninja Fixes: The background of the Prayer Stat Adjustments interface is now transparent.The toggle to see the Prayer Stat Adjustments interface has been moved next to the Quick Prayers selection button.Players can now cut oak, willow, maple, yew, magic and elder logs into increasing quantities of arrow shafts.Adjusted the colours on Kuradal's Slayer cape.Receiving a blood shard drop is now broadcast to friends.Receiving a pet edimmu will now be broadcast to the current world.
  18. So there are (at least) three new items on the GE this week: Fletch logs Fletch & burn logs Trh51 fish hoover left hand particles The first two are possible treasure hunter items that will be released soon, but I'd assume the third one isn't an item at all.
  19. Aquarium (Members only) Our big update this month is rather fishy… a little too fishy perhaps, but what else would you expect to find in your very own, customisable aquarium! One so big you can even dive into it yourself! It’s a brand new addition to your in-game house, requiring 63 construction to set up, and comes with a huge amount of sofishticated things for you to play around with. The aquarium itself can house 14 different aquatic friends, ranging from the lowly trout to the mighty rocktail, with all your favourite lobsters, sharks, and even lava eels fin-between. To add a fish, you’ll need to find their golden fish eggs, found randomly as you fish. There’s plenty of ways to increase your chances of finding them too, especially the new prawn ball, which is also the best way to get the fantastic decorations for your fishies’ home. We’ve got tiny versions of white wolf mountain and Vorago to name a few, and even some unique plugs in case you want to start all over again. Whilst building it up, you’ll dolphinately gain access to a bunch of great fishing perks, especially the brand new great white shark, which you can fish, cook, eat, keep as a pet, plaice in your aquarium and even turn into sushi. YUM. Plus, 3 special new cosmetic diver’s suits and a new piece of music for you to tuna in too. There’s no catch… try it out… don’t feel gill-ty! Bad puns I know but if you think you cod do batter, let minnow. For more information, check out the design document on the forums and don’t forget, this great idea came courtesy of you, via the o-fishal polls. ____________________________________________________________________________ Vic the trader (free and members) Vic the Trader is back in April, opening his shop up for anyone willing to trade in their bonus XP for some cool loot. He’s got lots of the items you might have missed from treasure hunter like skill outfits and golem parts, or you can simply trade your bonus XP for real lamps. We’ve made some changes to the exchange rates too, making them even more generous in places, and added a few new things too, like the great little mimic pet. Vic is only going to be here for a short amount of time, so go see him when you get the chance! ____________________________________________________________________________ Event Tools Update (free and members) It’s fun to spend some time wasting XP and playing around with your favourite J-mods, but our old rotten potato tool wasn’t really giving us all the tools we wanted to get the most out of our super J-mod powers. The DEVCOM team has managed to fix it up, making it far less rotten and much more awesome. In fact we’ve even added a few new ways to allow you to skill n’ chill. How do you fancy lodestones that let you get to where the party’s at, straight from the world map? How about we place a few World Event style skilling nodes for you, so you can get a range of XP as you hang about asking questions? As you may have seen on the RuneScape TV stream a few weeks ago, we’ve been building some new event tools too, so this month you’ll be able to join a special J-mod run version of world event 1, playing faction based safe PvP for the honour of your favourite god, fighting or gathering for victory! ____________________________________________________________________________ BETA servers (Members only) We’ve got a few new things to try out on in BETA, not least the new death mechanics we’ve been talking about on the forums and a new way of collecting loot. Thanks for the feedback you provided regarding the mashups of legacy and EOC interfaces we added in March - it should be making its way into game very soon! ____________________________________________________________________________ In other news… In other news, we have a brand new merchandise store that launched yesterday and there’s 15% off everything for the next 2 weeks. We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, several of which are designed by yours truly and other members of the RuneScape team, and more! Also, check out Solomon’s Store this month for a great new costume called the Vitality Suit – it changes colour as your health goes up and down! The ninjas have some pretty tasty things in the pipeline too, especially the movable bank tabs which I know you’ve been talking about on the forums. Keep those ideas coming in via the forums and RuneLabs, together we can make a real difference – the RuneLabs criteria for this month is a medium sized skilling update – what can you come up with? Have fun! Wooters out.
  20. Did they mention on it if you would be able to get all the rewards like the last world events?
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