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  1. @Demon Vanquisher: I've never heard of ARENAscape; is it even affiliated to tip.it?
  2. NobleK

    Shield of Arrav

    @Abecedar: GREAT WORK!! |^_^| Unlike other people, moaning about how the queset guide is out of date by miles, you just went and wrote one; kudos to you, sir!!
  3. NobleK

    Gower Guest

    @Abecedar: Dude, you completely freaking rock!! This will be useful to me as well, I totally forgot about this quest...
  4. What's that golden key thing, beside the fish that there's 190 of, that looks like a Bass....?
  5. @Vorpal_theFox: I'm guessing you're correct, and, T.B.H, if you are, I completely agree. We need to either provide accurate info, or label stuff that's inaccurrate....
  6. OT Q. regarding @Dragonking198, why is there an RSN2, as well as an '07 RSN on his post? I thought there is just RS3, and RS '07, AKA OSRS?
  7. A valid point, Rix; @Content Editors: is he right...?
  8. I think it's now to do with the fact that the new RuneMetrics system is nothing like the old 'Adventurer's Log'. We may as well remove the option to search on the R.S website, and link the quest list to our tip.it accounts instead. We'll have to do it the hard way from now on.... :(
  9. -1 (or 0 in NXT) is just a placeholder and means it hasn't been tested yet or it timed out. It has to go through and ping each server individually in sequence (generally several times and take an average) and that takes some time. If you hit refresh at the top you can see the list being populated. So if I get negative pings for any world, I should hit the refresh arrows, and make sure I get at some sort of positive whole number before I login?
  10. Wait, he's quit? No wonder I didn't notice any of his videos in my sub feed ever since I resubscribed. I'm so sorry about that, his list videos were great. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he is; sorry to break the bad news, dude! :)
  11. I've seen negative ping rates in the lobby, generally -1; what does this mean? Is it good, or bad?
  12. Actually, I think Mote Plox is pretty much retired; can anyone confirm or disprove this....? :)
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