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FSK send VR back to the beach

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Forsaken vs Vr

13th of August 2017



On this fine Sunday we decided to fight Vr in a 30min CWRI (Turrets), due to us having a not so good pull we asked them for a Plateau CWRI instead and they gladly accepted.







FSK Starting: 29

VR Starting: ~40




So we started with only 29 to Vr's ~40, even though they had a lot of numbers on us we never really gave up because we just [bleep]ing love the smell of victory, they had a 3 man lead at the start but we slowly evened it out with some great calls by @@banana @@beybladex90 and @Laurens, and soon enough got ourselves the lead we were waiting for. During the last minute we went on a streak and got us a 4 man lead which led to our next 4(?) piles leaving cc b2b, it's all good though cuz even that didn't stop us from winning.


May I remind you all that this is [bleep]in FSK, great [bleep]in job everyone.











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