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With the existence of elemental battlestaffs is combat magic training extremely easy now?

Blaze The Movie Fan

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For the most part I hate the Master Clue update as the master clues are frustrating. I will admit though I do like one of the rewards.


Now I'm worried that because of the existence of this staff, combat magic training is so easy it's almost not worth doing anymore.


My question is am I right? Thank you.


I mean blood and death runes haven't been required to do magic combat training in years.

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I mean training magic was never really hard...


I don't know what your question is? 


Is the elemental staff overpowered? No.

Is the elemental staff very good to use? No.

Is the elemental staff the best way to train magic? No.

Should you use the elemental staff? Sure - it doesn't affect me :)


I think magic is a valuable skill to train and it is absolutely worth doing.

Luck be a Lady

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