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Player Hacking to make me skull even though i hit second, muliple gmaul uses in 45 second fight

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Good evening everyone, 

I am in discussions with Jagex right now about this incident but im not getting very far. I was hoping to get some answers in regards to an incident that happened last week in the wilderness. thankfully I was recording the fight as im trying to learn from mistakes. https://youtu.be/sDmSo1qxQfs


I am very new to PVP so I make sure I only take what I can afford to lose with me, and make sure I always RETALIATE so I never skull and can keep my most valuable items (mystic smoke staff, fire tome and G Maul). 


In this situation, somehow after attacking my opponent AFTER I took damage from a ranger, I skulled. and because im so new and im just frantically trying to do everything partially right, I completely didn't even see the skull above my head. I should have just ran away but I just didn't see as im always extremely careful to make sure I get attacked first, so I never check for it. 


Either way somehow I skulled, and im thinking its something this person did because they then proceed to use the gmaul special 6 separate times in a 45 second fight, using 300% spec. ability. now ive searched high and low and I cant see anywhere, anything that restores spec ability. so clearly something is going on. 

Please if anyone could at least confirm my suspicions or tell me how im completely wrong about anything would be greatly appreciated.





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The video clearly shows that they attacked someone under you and not actually you. Look at their first damage hit of 12. Your hp doesn't go down. They also only used the maul spec twice that entire clip.



You really need to stay out of the wilderness if you don't even know when the opponent is using spec on you or not.



“I had a feeling we weren’t coming back from this fight when it began.”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“I don’t. It seems surprising, I know, but I wouldn’t change a thing. This is how it was meant to be.”

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