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Conflict PvM | 110+ PvM Clan

Ohh J0rd

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Discord: https://discord.gg/HVSsD4gCS4

Home World: 521

Clan Chat: Conflict PvM

Forums: https://[LikelyScam]/m=forum/forums?320,321,248,66187662



Conflict PvM is a "Fresh Start" CC, We are a mature group of PvMers looking for like-minded individuals to create a thriving, active and most importantly a trusted community. If you think this sounds like something you're interested in and you want to join a clan where you can progress with a like-minded community then consider joining us.

We have an active and friendly discord where we welcome all applicants and members alike. Here we also organise our bossing trips/raids trips and it's a good place to be for those who prefer a bit of social chat while scaping away.

Are you looking to start bossing? - No worries we are here to help you and teach you.
Are you already a "pro"? - We have plenty of them too, they just want to get on with it.


We plan to stay as a smaller group and prioritise the friendship and respect, over numbers of inactive names on a clan list.



Requirements for the clan

Combat & Skills Requirements
- 110 Combat
- 70 Agility
- 78 Herblore
- 85 Range
- 85 Magic

83 Construction would be advised but not necessary

Gear Requirements
- Full Void or Barrows
- Bandos Godsword/Dragon Warhammer
- Abyssal Whip
- Torture Amulet
- Necklace of Anguish
- Occult Necklace
- Tormented Bracelet
- Avernic/Dragon Defender
- Ava's assembler
- Blowpipe
- Trident of the Swamps
- Fire cape/Infernal cape
- Imbued magic cape
- Barrows gloves

Ironmen are allowed but MUST have a Requirements! However consideration are made so please reach out to a member of the staff team in discord.



We have plenty of options for our members, we aim for quality within Conflict PvM, which allows us to grow and overall success. We aim for a moderate standard so we do encourage skilling.


- Clan vs Clan events.

- Boss of the week.


-Chambers of Xeric.

-Theatre of Blood.

-Plus much more.


If you would like to be apart of this Clan then we would like to hear from you. Happy Scaping.





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