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Buying Forest Siggy 5k


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First of all, you need to know this:




I can only pay 5-6k. I am NOT rich. I am not willing to pay 10k for a sig, as that would take me a very long time to make. I'm sorry, but the demands of artists are too high for my pockets.




Sig Description:




A chilly night in a northern forest full of pine trees. You can just see a full moon behind them. Snowfall blankets the ground. Dog-like tracks lead to a tree near the campfire- a wolf-like creature peeks out from behind the tree, it's paws clutched onto the hardy evergreen. The werewolf's bushy tail is just seen in the darkness.




At the very bottom of the sig, in neon green size 20 enviro, says "Erinwolfrus".




Think anyone could make it for me? Details don't have to be high.

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lol its been 18 minutes chill out.








also, no ones gunna make a sig for that low, sorry, forests take a long time to make. Although there was 1 person making some for free i think you missed out.

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some people on scape don't play rs anymore so payment means nothing... I may work on this buy i got 5 on the go as it is and no time to work on them. if i do get around to working on this prolly wont be for a week... Sorry.









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