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  1. I'll definately be showing up (126 combat) Can someone explain why we wouldn't wear a Team Cape, so that we don't accidently attack each other?
  2. man I remember you from along time ago, as a pure though in RS1 Firemaking in draynor forest ftw \ Gratz on 2200 hope to be there soon Banks not too shabby either =D>
  3. Raises combat if you use the lobsters for training food, but then you don't make money, totally defeating the purpose of this guide. Cooking you recommended not to do since it also loses money. When I read the title I was expecting to read about..well, a Non-Merchanting way to make money and raise some skills. Unfortunately not..... It just seems to be a decent guide on how to raise your fishing level :-k
  4. Decent guide. Just my something to add. When on world 2 and in trades, everybody might as well be muted and it's hard to communicate the price you're asking for. Generally if I already have some money, i'll put up how much I want with the item. It works sometimes if the person you're trading with has half a brain :-w
  5. see the author doesn't seem to care anymore but highest quest requirement, woodcutting, 71 in Grim Tales highest quest requirement, agility, 59 in grim tales
  6. I stand by my previous post though also agree with Aquashock in many aspects. One thing I can't comprehend is why people use protect prayers. Aqua you say you'll protect and if they want to live they should too. Ok yea, you're not going to get hit for a 35 by an abbysal whip, but you're not going to hit for a 35 either. Instead you'll be hitting 23's and it will be nearly impossible to get a KO. If they're no honour like you they'll just book it and you won't get a kill. If it's a range fight and both are praying, you just waste mor arrows. The whole basics behind "Honour" is that it's a fair fight. If I'm fighting another 126 melee we're probably both wearing near the same stuff and neither are praying. Using protect prayers would just be a waste of time. Just because both of us can use the prayers doesn't mean we should. There's no difference between both using it or both not. I think some things the noobs have grouped into Honour pking are complete BS and should be ignored. Ex. eating above half hp Running when out of food isn't dishonourable, it's Edge pking. Basically I agree with the principle of "Honour" pking but I think some of the things morons have grouped into the "Honourable" category are complete bull.
  7. So...combat levels determine if you are a Noob? I think not. I have seen level 126's act like that 10 year old kid who sits at the computer all day drinking MT dew and eating [garden tool]-hos, thinking he is 1337 because he can beat someone in the wilderness. Yes, I have seen this..this is not a joke. I know people who are level *20* that are mature, know a lot about the game, and know all about the greatest and latest items and skills, and how to play the game. My point? Combat levels do not determine if you are a NOOB. I think if you were around the specific 126 long enough you'd see otherwise. As a 126 myself I generally agree with you. Knowledge is power, not combat level. However, being a high combat I think deserves some respect, if there's any left in the game. Getting called a noob every 30 minutes because I ignore someone trying to sell me an item I didn't ask to buy, refusing to do a skill cape emote, telling someone the proper price of an item as they try to rip off somebody else, ect. annoys me no end. I often choose the "play dumb" approach as I guess the 126 in your example was. If someone is in edgeville bank asking for free items, I may go up to them and ask them for free items as well. It is simply a form of entertainment, fooling with the minds of the dimwitted. I'm sure you'd find it entertaining as well. Since combat level is easy now due to recent additions (PC mainly) a better way to judge a "noob" is skill total. A balance in all stats, or atleast having tried all stats, shows they have some knowledge in the majority of the aspects of the game.
  8. I totally disagree with this article and find it greatly amusing at the amount of support. Of course this is probably due to the large length of time I've played the game, and likely the short length of time you have. RS1 pking was great and I challenge anyone to say otherwise. Why? There was honour, and everyone had it. If you were a pker and fighting another pker, it was generally to the death. Though of course there wasn't the ancients, teleblocking, teletabs and extras that the RS2 wilderness now has, it should still be the same. Runescape has simply grown too big, and the age/maturity of the general population has dropped significantly. I find it pitifully pathetic that you wear prosthlyte(sp) just to annoy, as well as encourage anyone else to do so. It is no honour. Of course you will shrug off my comment, as everything I'm saying will go in one ear and out the other. I expect the word "noob" to be thrown at me sometime in the near future. It is the internet, so granted the youngin's love to act tough and run their mouths. However I doubt you realise that, despite being a computer game, the characters that surround you are people too. And therefore they deserve your respect as much as if you knew them in real life, computer game or not. "Honour" in pking makes it so much better. If you're a good pker you'd make money. If you're a bad one you'd have to train better, rather then pull out your anchor and waste someones food just for fun. For fun? Why don't you pk with honour against someone else with the same. THAT is fun, and a challenge. You call honour pkers lazy? HAH. The ones without honour are the lazy ones. 1-iteming, risking nothing to make some gain? Level 70's attacking 90's with anchor, trying to get lucky, rather then training their stats? Today's noobs are spoon-fed and it's destroying the game. This article just shows the sad future the game Runescape has coming. It shocks me that despite the vet's in the Tip.it staff this article would get published. I suppose it's some RS-2 Product that's incharge of the times, though.
  9. Dharockslayer's and Terley's were pretty amazing =D> \ Can't wait to see what ya come up with next round :thumbsup:
  10. Wow I have to totally agree with this article. Bloggish? who cares? It basically states what every high level out there is thinking - Where the hell are my updates? And at the moment Jagex has gained about $270 Cdn. from me :? I'm not in the mood to argue with anyone....I just think this article was right on the mark. HeartUnit ftw? :thumbsup:
  11. *Smiles* *s[racist term]s, trying to hold it in* *cracks* *rolls around on the floor laughing* That thing was as easy as the first boss on barbie horse adventures for god sakes :P now one that is hard as hell, is the Super smash brothers melee for game cube. Left AND Right hand. Took me and my friend like 3 hours to beat it.
  12. There is a fine line between constructive c&c and flaming/discouraging a beginner. :roll: Harsh critiques are needed for the ARTIST TO IMPROVE, but flame or discouragement is just useless and shouldn't be posted at all. And there is something I can do about it. Report you to an admin or moderator. :) About the sig: Not too bad for a start, but I wouldn't call it "Pure ownage". :P Try doodling on paper and then try to imitate what you've drawn on paper with your computer. It seems to boost my spirits and also gives me a head start on the work. lmfao your jumping all over axe and calling this guy an artist? Im Artistically challenged and even I can trace around an image. Support him so he can get better? Get better at what? cropping? or putting more detailed dots everywhere?? I hope your joking....this guys got no potential at all, except maybe being the guy that crops everyones images so they dont stretch the page. Atleast if he did SOMETHING, ANYTHING at all. But he calls a copy and paste job pixel....its sad. [ADD] oh heres my pure ownage
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