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  1. Which Signature # do you want: 4 What Name do you want in the Bottom Corner: Kwimbob Any other text youd like?: Too Slow SKills Will you use this signature forever : [yes ] [no ] Yes! But it will be one of 2, and at very worst, I will script it to be on if not 100% of the time forever, then 25% of the time forever! Also, I may change the God cape to blue in a tasteful manner (I would never actually change / add hideous hand drawn pixels to the masterpiece seeing as I have nothing but Paint and a bad mouse on this (albeit 17") laptop. But, like I was saying, it would be well shaded slowly and without overextending and "coloring outside the lines" with Crayola crayons on top of your finelined prismacolor masterpiece. Haha, right? I've always loved your sigs, and I've been following the pixel art scene since 2003 on this Kwimbob account. I'm just now coming back to RS and my IRL friend wants to see me making money at the "COOL PLACES", so I'm embarking on my quest to kill the dagannoth kings. If I am to be without the glorious signature to protect my life before I embark on my trip, then Saradomin help me. Also, the "other text I'd like" is based on the fact that I haven't been to DK's yet, despite always having had all of the best pots, barrows armor, and food stockpiled from my own 7 year old DIY game file on Kwimbob because I enjoy Skilling. I will always stop for certain things to make money just to fund another skill (always in the DIY mindfashion, like the belief that ((even with the AH introduced into my game)) I should train WC >> Fletching >> Smithing >> Ranged all at once, just because I want to train Fletching up for a quest. The only time I'm not grinding away efficiently on one skill's experience numbers - I'm questing or preparing for a quest. But now I have skills and money. It's time for fun. It's time for bloodlust. It's time... to kill boss monsters. Oh, the bottom text could also be: Skills over... (1)900?!, but I liked what I wrote up there better. Reasons I should lose in this competition against Hugger: Actually I was mainly posting on behalf of the latter part of the OP, where we were commenting on doing new art and tutorials. If you wanna give this one to the guy who won the race for the request in a benevolent and quality prize contest the gold ticket, or at least the option to take it first. I'll finish my one that I have now, I have some personal stuff I could begin making this into pixel art with (with the crutch of RS cropped images to begin with). Lemme find my old pixel art. (made this when I was 12 or so, as a fun thing to do in photoshop and to first attempt that thing called pixel art; it still has no lava back/foreground. (pixel art image for the key word "Power" in a competition on these forums, and -as with the next image- I freehanded this on my grandpa's tablet that he gifted to me ((just after HE had gifted me Photoshop, yay))) (pixel art image of a mime mask and mime-gear'd guy, which will fit in the forum avatar file spot - I took the option of doing an easy photoshop background with panes of more mime black-white-stripes, with layers and rectangles (that mime guy that wanted pixels wanted this too) (this one was photoshop, but it was avatar sized / bordered by pixel accuracy) (facebook signature of Kwimbob) (my old bank already cropping like I will to my new current sig, but with this new indiana jones exploring gear that I have now for my Spike Siegal, hah) (pixel-cropped the RS text and photoshop cropped the rest)
  2. Wear an Amulet of Farmspeak, Gardening Boots, Cabbage (lumby) ring, and then have a Falador Shield (pushed in the ground behind you for shade for ya'lls siesta before more action on Cinco De Mayo), some food/drinks (Mug-Biscuits from that one certain MMO, hah mana-biscuits), your favorite gear for clothing texture, a hobobackpack with your normal gear (weight / agility items, some money, any other skills' stuff you usually multi-task with, like alching, or a butterfly net, or Ectophial, or your one favorite weapon, or your dragon hatchet for trees, and maybe a spade and some more general tp runes?), and then some penguins sticking out rediculously, like just an upside down head coming out near the top, hah. I just drank some coffee. I love how it's going now. If you put all of what I just said in it would be hilariously awesome, but I don't think I would even have the patience myself, lol. Just thought I'd record my artistic ramblings for your use before I sleep and all is forgotten, haha. Good luck with yours, it'll be awesome in the end. My sig is like 30 minutes old since I just made it then, and I'm gonna pixel in all the white and backpack (crop each item and fit more items). It'll be good. I'm just warming up in pixel art, after a good 4 years, by cropping actual RS, don't hate ^.^ The bg will be legit, dun worry.
  3. So I used to be in to pixel art as a kid because cropping in RS (for, say, bestiary or quest guide pictures), you begin to notice that every screenshot you can take of the game has visible pixels of color to crop. A perfect runescape crop can be best done with a lazy lasso tool or magic wand rather than a perfect curved perimeter of the desired cropped picture, because every Runescape image has graphics exploitable by cropping only down to the single pixel or so. So in the offtime of just cropping I'd do my own pixel art, I'll post some of the old here in a sec. But if anyone wants to submit anything, I can make something like in my sig in about 10 minutes (that's how long it took). I just used 6 screenshots and Paint, so it'd be fun to do some inspirational sigs. (Mine is WIP, literally 20 minute crop job to get it in that white background with the nice spacing, right there. Next I'll crop out the inventory color behind my favorite items and move them into a bigger "backpack" background that'll fit more than 28, and nicely). 10 points to anyone that can recognize what Anime Kwimbob's characterization is. [HINT: My new second noob character that I made (girl, for the new quest dialogue changes to see if I missed anything in those few gender-decided quests; it happens more often than you'd think in later questlines, because the British are so obsessed with if you are going to be a theoretical King or Queen by the end of the quest) has the name Faye_V.] Here are a bunch of samples of my limitations signature / avatar wise: (made this when I was 12 or so, as a fun thing to do in photoshop and to first attempt that thing called pixel art; it still has no lava back/foreground. (pixel art image for the key word "Power" in a competition on these forums, and -as with the next image- I freehanded this on my grandpa's tablet that he gifted to me ((just after HE had gifted me Photoshop, yay))) (pixel art image of a mime mask and mime-gear'd guy, which will fit in the forum avatar file spot - I took the option of doing an easy photoshop background with panes of more mime black-white-stripes, with layers and rectangles (that mime guy that wanted pixels wanted this too) (this one was photoshop, but it was avatar sized / bordered by pixel accuracy) (facebook signature of Kwimbob) (my old bank already cropping like I will to my new current sig, but with this new indiana jones exploring gear that I have now for my Spike Siegal, hah) (pixel-cropped the RS text and photoshop cropped the rest)
  4. And this is why it's such a legendary update: Jagex stuck to its guns and made the cape slot remain prestigious. Still the only available combat capes are from challenging quests (like legends, or the ranged magnet backpack effect for Ranging with nice metal ammunition), mini game rewards (like Fire Cape, or mage arena cape or some other god cape), high lvl skills or achievements (if you count weight reduction from hunter, for example; or the late Ardougne Task list capes), and the trimmed 99 cape (especially for its cape prayer bonus), or rare drops (like the Obsidian Cape, which you would buy if you had access to nothing other than it or a cloth highwayman cape you died pink for fun a long time ago). So the only serious capes were for achievements, and weren't buyable. The most sought after cape would be one that wasn't only for ranged/maging/melee attack stats, but one that does all of it and a prayer bonus. The only true options required challenges to use or have (excluding the lame Obsidian Cape, one more time, or some of the real low lvl, real bad quest reward capes), with the lines being drawn at the tiering of: buyable > legends > skill cape (with 25 degrees of status points for being the more challenging skills to experience up) > trimmed skill cape > ... > THIS UPDATE. In my opinion, this update did in fact surprise and impress many people (including myself, I know, because I payed on the 4th of May, and then this successful, exciting achieve came out for -ME- and I was quite happy, hah). But I only say this because the worth of those afforementioned capes has been decreasing with their rarity. They are in large part worn because of their status symbol (even the most modest person would still choose a favorite or respectable skill to show on their back if they - say - just happened to have a couple cheap skills trimming only 1 true achievement or something like that. Just like the quest cape was one achievement outside of the skillcapes, these other 3 or 4 capes are great to have in your repertoire despite the stats. If nothing else, it's just cool to have a retro cape and a Jack of All Trades homemade half-official cape that you died on your own. This update here was in a big sense focused on cosmetics and the cape slot's respect factor. I'll say it one more time - people like wearing the item that they most like, or hold the most pride for, even when its stats don't matter. This is an important game for many people who may have quit RS when they ran out of goals. there are now ~10 new capes that the most serious or new players can get. the 10 cape can be gotten in a day. The completionist cape can't be gotten unless you officially win THE GAME. And once you wear it, you have to work out some responses to "LOL NERD" before you go into public. But it's a great goal, if only for the wildest of all dreams at night. I liked the update, so I may be fighting a little hard on congratulating it, but it inspired me to join just about as much as the entire achievement system (... dang, I really do love those level NUMBERS, don't I? I feel happy that they'll give me a visible prize for my "All skills 60+" text, now! Oh well, it's still a great game imo, or I wouldn't be here, right?)
  5. Actually, yes. These new capes are in fact interesting and inspiring, because they do give better stats than any capes you maybe could have gotten last week. Now at all 99's there is a tangible stat bonus cape better than a lava cape, and better than a trimmed 99 cape, which previously only required 2 skills at 99 to have its stats. Now it's 25 skills to 99, then a better cape. And there's minicapes along the way now that show 2 separate capes/colors on the back, I believe. But that's just my impression and guesses based on what I've seen. I should polish off a 99. Meanwhile I'll stick to my quest cape and 60+ or maybe 70+ cape pretty soon.
  6. PROBLEM SOLVED! My idea actually worked here. I connected the bad hard drive in my good PC as the second HD, booted up from the good computer's hard drive, and did my virus scans on the bad hard drive while it was just a dormant D: drive. That way the virus COULD NOT be active, because I'm not booting from the infected HD at all (and I was confident it couldn't just hop ship onto my good compy's hard drive and infect IT, because it definitely has sufficient virus protection and all). Lesson learned was that no matter how powerful an OS virus is ingrained into one hard drive (say like following you even in safe-mode and being able to stop you from opening ANY process), you can solve the problem by simply not booting from that HD's OS - and cleansing the infected hard drive while it is dormant (assuming you can get access to a second, secure computer with hookups to fit a second hard drive). I'm just lucky that once it was removed (by Avira / Malwarebytes both), my OS was still perfectly intact. I was considering that, but I'm not sure that this particular virus wouldn't just stop the new process anyways - it kept me from using ANY processes, including the legit iexplorer. The only thing I could open was Windows Explorer to see my files.
  7. My own computer is too pro. I would call myself a wise internet user. My family - not so much. Mine is secure enough to have even all of them use it, without it dying. This thing had a dying motherboard and less than 1gb ram, and a 6 year old processor/tower/etc. UPDATE: I am reformatting the middle quality hard drive right now. Bought all the parts to rebuild this one for the next 10 years. Really cool acryllic, see-through case. I went the uncautious route and just fried the virus. Completely removed it - completely removed the OS from the files of that hard drive and then saved it onto this hard drive. This new computer will be a new computer. No zombie virus. But all the files will be identical as soon as I can reinstall all the programs. I'm excited about all my AMD motherboard / CPU / chips! My Dad works AMD, it's gonna be a beautiful compy!
  8. ^ Anyhow, would you mind posting a list of what you did for future reference? Also, I think you're talking about building a new computer, we here like to help with that sort of thing. Aye, I used to ALWAYS edit. But all these were from other media devices, like iPhones, in part. Whole process has been: Hook up hard drive to a new computer. Virus scan it from the good boot. Return hard drive with a system restore of the old files. System restore. Still a work in process.
  9. There are now 3 hard drives on this hard 2tb sata drive, haha.
  10. Still awake, driving to the hardware store (beats Newegg prices this weekend and I get my stuff today). I for sure have a backup of EVERYTHING, which, imho, is better than a windows back-up because I can manually, tonight, with this computer, reformat it completely. Thanks one last big time For all of your help today, But this man must sleep. >> Nap. I don't even know anymore. Who can sleep with a friend dying of malpractice programs rotting its software and hardware? It's old. I'm buying a new motherboard because this board has a corrupt RAM DDR1 socket, and better DDR1 is very expensive, rare-dinosaur-bone price, and new DDR3 RAM is better and -- get this -- cheaper with a new MB and even processor; a cheap tower to fit said mb is extra. Aight. G'night ya'll.
  11. And now I have: Copied the hard drive to my own hard drive. Scanned it with 3 antivirus programs from my own hard drive's Windows 7, to get the virus while that Hard Drive's OS is actually dormant. I'm now finishing up that and about to reboot. Once again, talk to ya'll with results. Need more engineer coffee.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. Currently (after a day of talking to 20 techy friends) I took a mile walk or so in the night, and I just remembered that this has attachments for a second hard drive. Attach Hard Drive to here > Remove virus with nice compy > Attach Hard Drive to OldBadTowerCommunityFamilyComp without viruses > ... > Profit! I'm going to be offline for a bit again doing some reboots, talk to ya'll later about it. My real plans on the long term are to rescue that hard drive, move everything to a nicer hard drive, get a new mother board / tower, probably a processor, and then some cheap DDR3 RAM (this old beast of a motherboard only takes DDR1 dinasour, expensive RAM), and also have graphics cards that are more modern and good to go with the new board. I'd have CD drives and a new OS, and the monitor is actually really nice -- so we should have 2 good set ups in this house without viruses (4 if you count Dad's work laptop and my personal lappy I got 7 on). We'll see how the war goes - how deeply imbedded this respectable foe is.
  13. Just tried Safe Mode, my last personal idea. The program followed me there, too. I still can't open any processes or get around it. Now it's time for serious business I suppose. I do have a flash drive and this computer (my nice, non-community computer upstairs, hahah) to work with, but I don't see how that would work because IF I install more antivirus programs via that, they still are going to be intercepted if I were to try to run the programs. For some reason though, all my google hits in some part suggested doing something like that. The computer all ready has updated versions of both Avira and MalwareBytes, but like I've said, I can't use them. But would ya'll say that it's worth a shot? Seeing if programs installed post-virus will run? Or will they just still not execute, just like everything else?
  14. UPDATES: I found the process itself it's supposedly usually about 3 random letters (mine is ogm[Caution: Executable File]). I can close the process, and this program will successfully and fully die. However, once closed, it is still the case that clicking ANY executable will not launch what it should, but relaunch this program and the process all over again. I couldn't find the files within my computer manually yet, but I'll come back to that later. I do have antivirus on there already, the virus just successfully keeps me from opening them at all. Like I was saying and like ya'll said, I'm going to go try safe mode real quick, and see if I can be free enough to open antivirus programs from there. Their backups are totally outdated, so I don't want to reinstall yet. I'm 99% sure I can best this virus anyways. Also - my solution, since I know what the process is named, was to just stop it at start-up by removing it from startup programs in systemconfig. But what does run systemconfig do? Pop up the Virus. Well played, hackers. Well played. The only thing that I think I can access is My Computer and all the files. There is the option to debilitate the virus by gutting some malicous looking files near what I deem to be it's [Caution: Executable File] bymanually deleting them individually - then cleaning up all of the virus corpse with actual accessible anti-virus. But that sure sounds like a bloody mess, so I'll skip on that option until I'm more desperate. It may have won the first battle, but it certainly will not win the war!
  15. EDIT - SOLVED: Check out the last post, but I could remove the virus when I had the infected hard drive hooked up as a second hard drive within my nice computer, and booted from the nice computer's hard drive to use its antivirus to scan the dormant, infected drive (while the virus couldn't interfere, since I wasn't booting from the infected hard drive). So this is the downstairs Home Computer that my little sister and brother and parents all use. My sister and mom asked me (the only computer literate member in this household) if they could go to this "free old Nintendo games" too-good-to-be-true website. I said no. (I intended to get her ROMs later of whatever games she wanted if she was serious about playing the games of old for which the outdated consoles have broken, I still play 8-bit Zelda and Mega Man and Battle Toads and all that on my laptop nowadays, hahah). I come back the next day, turns out they went there as well as any other number of sites I would never condone. They got viruses again. Only this time it seems to be one single big boss virus that I can't beat. I'ma need some help from ya'll once again. So here's the rundown of what I walked into this morning: There's an "XP Home Security - Unregistered Version" that has installed itself (telling me I don't have a firewall, I don't have anti-virus, and doing a REALLY quick virus scan, with horrible and scary results, on the spot, which has to be a lie), but other than that, no process can be started. I can't do anything. The only program executables that seem to even do anything beyond NOTHING (other than giving the processor a half second of work) are MY antivirus programs, but all that they do are open this same bogus "Unregistered Version" that LOOKS like a legit Microsoft virus program, but it does nothing. All that I'm allowed to do is to be taken to a fake Microsoft website (in a weird trunctated Internet Explorer browser where all of the URL bar and any other top parts have been removed for me so I can't suspect it's a fake website), where I can pay money to "register" this "Anti-virus program". My first clue, before I even examined anything, was that this fake security program's quicktask icon on my task bar can't be right clicked. What kind of program (other than a bad virus) is written so badly that there are no options down on the icon (even though they included an icon /facepalm). So I came here just to see if any of ya'll have dealt with one of these beasts before. Apparently it's a well known virus amongst the internet gurus -- it popped up in a google search. So I'll go see if I can find tech support on google for this, but I figured I post here because I respect ya'lls opinions and suggestions as being the best and quickest methods. Also I'ma go right now and boot it in safe mode and see what I can do.
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