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  1. got super paranoid about the website as soon as i saw it. WTF is this? just seemed so standard for many phishing sites ugh jagex.... cmon... thinki of the stupid children! wont somebody please think of the stupid chiuldren!
  2. And here's the other point i neglected to mention when I wrote that article. I felt very strongly at the time that the staking scene was full of young/underage people getting a taste (and developing an addiction) to gambling and while it was in a somewhat harmless arena (ummm, omg i lost some mmorpg gold), developed habits and addictions that I felt were pretty dangerous to their RL lives long term. When the duel update took place, I was frustrated that I couldn't stake anymore, but I realized that it was an aspect of the game that was not appropriate for the vast majority of the paying members. Excited for the update, but unless there is an edge to be had you wont see me at world6 draynor or world66(or whatever it was) duelling arena.
  3. this kinda funny, i saw the poll and wanted to do some research and came upom an article i wrote myself. Since then I've gone on to have a semi-professional career in poker, and I can attribute some of the success i've had to the lessons i learned through high stakes duelling on runescape. I was just looking at that article and felt proud about being able to recognize an unprofitable situation (rs2 staking as we knew it) and being able to move on to something else. Unfortunately, when it comes to 1v1 runescape duels there is just not enough depth to the combat system for the better players to enjoy enough of an advantage to reap the rewards of their superior skills. The return of staking? I voted yes... and an emphatic yes, but mostly because i am a degenerate and cant wait to get my gamble on.
  4. Having a blast so far but can`t help but feel short changed. bleh, can`t sort my thoughts well enough to get my points across... but this could have been so much better and I don`t see a fix like summoning 2.0. It`s just so weird how they decided to integrate this into the game
  5. i think you're trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
  6. a whole new thread might be best. need some time to think about that one.
  7. not quite true, mith dragons are targeting me but don't seem to be able to attack. ranged/magic attacks at least. don't really want to test melee.
  8. insane amount of bugs. and the variety of them is really something else.
  9. wow, just got dummied at mith dragons trying to cast claws of guthix. it ain't working.
  10. is agility now just the second most useless skill? epic agility update.
  11. LOL @ the groupie healed about 15hp while uploading pic/posting... so pretty significant. magic spells look so, so much better.
  12. i'm not bleeping or moaning, i am admittedly uninformed on this topic (haven't been interested in this game for a while, hard to catch up on current events and only have experience merchanting before the GE was introduced) and more than anything am looking for a concrete argument that what merchant clans is against the rules and 'bad for the game'. Trying to play devils advocate to get past the 100 posts of 'merch clans r bad and illegal, jagex better fix the grand exchange'. To be honest, I like the argument you made and the issue is getting fuzzier. I'm not sure if you were addressing me, but I do not believe that the GE is flawed either. Let's hope they go down the banstick road rather than revamping the GE in some way, because I (like many others, I am sure) like it the way it is.
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