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  1. Lucky I got my Fire cape before. :roll:
  2. 3a crashed, I bought ranger set for min on GE. Also might because my offer was in for a week.
  3. As much as I agree with you, that would mean agility would influence your combat, and combat levels would need to be added. Not that its a bad thing however. I wouldn't mind less things auto attacking me. But theres no reason it cant be tied into defense already. Your range level currently gives an offensive accuracy and strength power to your range attacks, in addition to your armor and ranged weapon bonuses. I see no reason why defense simply cannot manage both miss hits, and chances for reducing hits. Example; Defense stays the same it is now, with the added funtion of: Level 10: 5% chance to reduce hits by 5% Level 20: 10% chance to reduce hits by 5% Level 30: 10% chance to reduce hits by 10% Level 40: 15% chance to reduce hits by 10% Level 50: 15% chance to reduce hits by 15% Level 60: 20% chance to reduce hits by 15% Level 70: 20% chance to reduce hits by 20% Level 80: 25% chance to reduce hits by 20% Level 90: 25% chance to reduce hits by 30% Level 99: 30% chance to reduce hits by 30%. Current max with an AGS is around 80, so at 99 defense thats a 30% chance to cut it down to around 56. Spirit shield bounses are just added ontop of this. Oh god, pking with a divine would make divine SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO overpowered. And yeah, pre-brewing when you pk, as well as phoenix necklace, makes a lot better. Phoenix necklace saves you from claws 95% of the time. Also as gigatiran said about the MSB, I believe a Jagex mod said they're actually looking into changing the MSB back to the old 50% spec because of the way DClaws are. I'm already stocked up in MSB's lawl Oh god, pking with a divine which costs 400m would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not overpowered.
  4. Oh please, share with me your wisdom. You obviously know something we don't. And while we're on that, the moon landing was [email protected]@@ Oh I don't know, maybe because of Jagex's changed corporate attitude and just the "we just don't care" shine through enough? Oh right.
  5. And they still haven't fixed the Godsword not attached to hilt after 2 weeks. :roll: And I say again: Jagex is ruining Runescape on purpose so we switch to Mechscape but it will fail due to it being a piece of crap.
  6. There's tens of thousands of free beta testers, Jagex doesn't use them, their fault.
  7. Sometimes its better to not have the advantage of summoning. When the alternative is every passing pure to say your "failed". Despite all evidence to the contrary. They are either ignorant or stupid. Probably both. Public chat->off
  8. Which nobody cares about the [bleep] waving. People who don't train summoning are either stupid, or just want to stay 126 F2P combat, 2nd one is cool, first one is not.
  9. Castlewars in any other world is almost no point, there's literally no one except the odd person, who would obviously quit. Plus it cannot support a clan.
  10. Now that sounds like a good idea. Should be on players too though. and that isnt overpowered at all? hmmm yeah lets crit a 83 with an arma godsword Ftw. Well you could hit over 90 in RSC before the person had a chance to eat...so there's no problem with that :) There is no reason why Strength would let you do critical hits. Attack on the other hand, would.
  11. Actually I agree, that was one of my favourite updates yet, and I can't even do it. One of my favorites too, but sadly, there are no really useful high level agility shortcuts past 70. The highest level shortcut in the game, at 85, is 100% useless due to Elf Crystals and Charter Ships. Agility needs something like a 90+ shortcut that cuts through the north wall of Shilo Village, allowing super fast RCing with the Karamja Gloves. The Inferno Adze was another good update, but really all it's good for is training both WC and FM together faster. Currently there's really no point to having 99 WC and FM. Even withOUT elf crystal or charter ships it's still useless, it saves you maybe 2 seconds of running or 5 seconds of walking, whoop de [bleep]ing do.
  12. You can max your stats at 255, I don't see why 100 would cause any difference.
  13. how can you afk switch between guthan and whip? Check every 30 seconds. Heal when HP drops to 50-60. Eh, I wouldn't consider that to be AFKing. I'd say AFK should be at least a minute for it to count. Close enough it really doesn't matter.
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