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  1. I would do a clena install and back up things I wana save if I had a Windows CD. I don't want to have my laptop only run on Linux. And the thumb drive is seen as a USB CD drive on all computers now. As for the ISO, I have it on this old desktop I'm on, and was going to put it on my flash drive till I found it wanted me to cram a disk in it. *edit* Oh, I forgot to add I tried reformatting it but it says "Windows is unable to complete the format" How would I go about that? I Googled my problem and I saw people trying to make their USB drive work like a CD drive and wile none really said much they did mention re-partitioning. *edit* I found out how to partition my USB drive and things are working now. This thread basically done with. Thanks for the help Tip.it forum tech peeps!
  2. Yeah, it's been about a year since I've been here on Tip.it, but I know some of you guys are really good with tech more then many other forums. My laptop got a virus on April 2, and it killed Windows (either that or Avira and Malwarebytes did trying to remove it from being imbeded in Windows files). So I got a flash drive to boot Puppy Linux off of. Wile on Linux I tried to set up it to boot from my flash drive and it formatted the drive, but I didn't have the ISO file so I had to shutdown my laptop. The thing was supposed to set it up do boot off the USB drive like a CD, and now. Now my Flash drive is acting like a CD drive When I try to use my flash drive now it acts like a CD drive. In Windows I get this message: Now how would I fix this, or can someone tell me how to insert disk into my flash drive?
  3. rants ARE pointless, they are outlets of frustration - childish moments of pique the point is that op is pissed off by going back to f2p after p2p - if circumstances forced me back on the bus after a year in a ferrari, i sure know i'd be pissed off ofc it's smart business, doesnt make it any less frustrating dont be a knob about it m8 - there's no need to be so critical :thumbup: there was an update to fix the bank issue somewhat recently, and things like sailing dungeoneering, FoG and GoP should make it more bearable. Either come up with the money, or suck it up. Ya'll read my posts? No, forums are about who can yell the loudest. Who cares what other people say? A new topic is just a place for people to raise their post count and stroke their epeen.
  4. Dirkmetal

    In general

    All MMOs have this delay. That's the end result of having a few thousand people connected to one server at the same time. Wold you bet money on that?
  5. It only that equipment wasn't so low level and useless.
  6. Go play Farmvile then. I really hate that about this skill. There is not one thing about it that can allow it to be defined as a skill. It clearly does not fit any of those definitions. There is not one part in Raiding that actually uses your Raiding level in a logical manner. How can they use it as a quest requirement? Raiding is dumb as the Hit Points skill.
  7. So, it looks like pures once again have a place in Runescape after all this time.
  8. Dirkmetal

    i hate revrents!

    Revenats have only one flaw (two if you count that they can't run): Their drops are garbage.
  9. Dirkmetal


    Well, I can only speak for myself. I fall into this category, so I'll explain why I do this. I did not leave Runescape because I hate it, I left because most of my friends don't play anymore, and double exp weekends. If Jagex turns its back to double exp weekends I MIGHT return. As for the looking at updates and commenting on how bad they are? It's simple; I left Runescape and I'm glad I did, but part of me misses it. But after seeing another crappy update that I don't like. I'm glad I see I don't have a reason to come back. I remember the misery of grinding levels, the lack of community, the lack of reward for grinding. If a good enough update came out, I might just find myself back in that endless grind. So you could say it's relief. Like a retired man who makes money pointing and laughing at someone busting their arse for peanuts. *points and laughs*
  10. Actually. Mobilizing armies would make a better skill then Stealing Creation. Mobilizing armies has EVERYTHING that Dungeoneering does: Dungeoneering - Mobilizing Armies 1. Separated from main game. - Separated from main game. 2. Team based - Team based 3. Levels - Ranks 4. New equipment unlocks at certain levels - New equipment unlocks at certain ranks 5. Grinding for levels - Grinding for ranks 6. Token based reward system - Token based reward system 7. Unbelievable amount of hype prior to release - Unbelievable amount of hype prior to release 8. NOT A SKILL - NOT A SKILL *edit* 9. Dying means nothing (safe minigame) - Losing means nothing (safe minigame)
  11. I don't like it. Past he HUGE banner. It's exactly the same as the old layout, only it has been mirrored. The "play" button is way to small for something so important. About her long neck: If you pay attention, a lot of artists make that same mistake. It's quite common.
  12. Or, they could just use logic. You know, reduce the exp rate, and add in more content per level. It would be the same in the end. All that's lost is the novelty of having a skill over 99. Sometimes it feels as if Tip.it is filled with blind optimists.
  13. You shouldn't talk for people who are not here to defend themselves.
  14. I like how you guys think that level 120 would be uncommon. Remember when level 99 was uncommon? That was before skill capes. People didn't get 99's because there was no reason to. Once there was a reason to get 99's, you started seeing them all over the place. My point? Not many people get 104mill exp in skills because they have no reason to do so. Once they do though, you'll see the skill cape effect all over again.
  15. If this can be a skill, then I call the next skill: Minigaming! Good idea: yes Original: Hell no Good idea for a instanced dungeon: Yeah Good idea for a skill: lolwut? Jagex did claim that no other MMO had it as a skill. But they did not say no other MMO had it already.
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