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  1. 1 spot red chins. Basically find a spawn near lots of barriers and plant traps around it. 9 times out of 10 he will be caught and respawn fast, only to be caught again. Wield a bow and bronze arrows to kill him if he escapes, to make him respawn. This is comparable to using multiple spawns, and it is a lot easier to find a world.
  2. Getting all penguins and bear takes me about 20-30 minutes. Now I won't use the points on anything I could get the XP in via regular methods. Slayer is a good choice, but I prefer Runecrafting, solely because RC is boring. At least slayer gives you a little variety.
  3. Tell that to I Slay Sushi, She is only 51 Defense and will have more slayer exp then you would ever dream of getting. Or ellebreyals who doesn't having a any att,str, def, or hp exp and is 99 slayer. There are tons of people who slay with low defense, or none at all, and still manage to do amazing things. Average task on Duradel/Lapalok was 15-20k. You'd get the odd low one (mith drags) and the odd high one (dark beasts). Kuradel was released the day before I got 99 slayer so I don't know how good she is, Got 99 on the early part of the 200+ fire giants she set me and not trained slayer since.
  4. cat666

    99 mage

    2 good ways. 1. Buy sand and seaweed. Superglass make them Sell the molten glass With the funds from the glass, buy uncharged orbs. Go charge them into air orbs Sell the orbs or put the orbs onto staves. Alch them. 2. Mine/buy gold ores/bars (depends if you want smithing XP, if you mine your own you profit more) Make them into gold amulets.(gold amulets don't buy fast on the GE) String them with lunars Sell them to the bloke you rescue after Summers End.
  5. I bought a dragon pick to get from 77-80 mining. Then sold it back. I actually made something like 400k on it. At the end of the day this is the only way most people are ever going to get one so just do that.
  6. Not true. You can get it from 66 if you get lucky with stews but you are guaranteed it at 69 with a crystal saw and tea from teak shelves 2. As for best way to train, best oak item you can make using a clay hammer. The hammer doubles the XP and therefore cuts the cost by half. Stealing Creation is needed, but it's so easy it's untrue. I got from 74-80 in 24 hours. This included SC games and time to make oak doors. Only cost me 4.5mil, so getting to 69 should be cheap.
  7. Why bother, 450k XP is exactly the same now as it will be when you get 75 prayer.
  8. Or you can just alternate between one and the other, hitting one with balmung, the switching to the other. Very fast. BTW: What are all of your Fremmy names? Mine is Siglor Rockcrusher. Pretty sweet IMO Larrak Farstrider. I love mine. :thumbup: I am Balkal Farstrider, you're probably my sibling.
  9. Got me 86 prayer so I can't moan. Quest was fun, story was a bit rubbish though. Anyway the Mother is tricky. Best strategy is to wear Karils, or black dragonhide with the axe thing. Bring whatever action runes you like plus, water, earth and fire ones. air battle staff and a crossbow/crystal bow (bolts wielded). 3 prayer pots and a super/extreme defence, rest sharks. I also advise a BoB full of sharks. Unicorn doesn't cut it sadly. Protect melee the whole fight. I got hit for a 33 when I changed to pro mage. Start off with melee, then change as her colours do. Orange = Melee Green = Range White = Air spells Blue = Water spells Brown = Earth spells Red = Fire spells Takes a while for her to die, but she won't hit you much, I think 17 was the max she hit me. Just keep up with eating with sharks. Try not to eat when she is orange. The axe gets her HP down fast when you get a chance to use it. The rest of the quest is easy. Anyone with the required levels won't have an issue. For the Waterbirth bit, pray melee around the rock lobsters and you'll have no issues.
  10. I think people are waiting for information that they haven't obtained themselves, yet. That'd be me, at least. [hide=Axe Questions:]1. Again, anyone know if it has a "destroy" option or if it's replaceable in any way? 2. Is 2-handed speed the same as GSs? (Haven't used one of those in a while!) 3. Spec?[/hide] 1. Destroy option 2 Slower than gs 3. None
  11. [hide=spoilers]Basically dagganoth mother wages war on Relleka, Relleka is swarming with dagganoth and you ward them off. You then get the axe which is uselss other than on dagannoth. You go to Waterbirth and rescue King Vargas, and fight more dagannoth whilst you help him through Waterbirth. Then you die, go the the Great Hall in the sky and then get resurrected and marry Vargas and Sigrid. then back to Relleka for the final battle (not done final battle yet)[/hide]
  12. First time I can do quest from bang on update since Chosen Commander. Excited! New spells anyone?
  13. It's just Jad. You get Tzarr, then she asks if you want to go for Jad, you can say yes or no. Yes gives you 280 to kill and Jad gives you a 25K xp reward.
  14. Thanks guys, well on the road to 80 :thumbsup:
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