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  1. Looks alright and I wish you the best of luck, but Foot's website (http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/) looks to be able to do everything your tracker does and more, so personally I'll stick to using that. It doesn't mean there's no place for your site however; for the EOC I used both Runetrack and Runetracker, but for now your site doesn't have anything really that'll make me want to visit your site over what's already available.
  2. That's how I did it back in the day, but with noted wines. I think Zarfot originally suggested it I used the long vertical room with 2 doors, because once you closed the outer door, it would never automatically re-open after time so that you wouldn't be bothered by the other thugs. I also used mainly lobsters and un noted them at the general store, but wines would be better if you could deal with the empty jugs.
  3. I couldn't tell you either. :D Most likely going to finish off 99 woodcutting before agility, but haven't really planned ahead much more than that. Good job, and hope you keep up the weekly updates because I like to see how the high ranked players are progressing.
  4. Tower of Life fairy ring then run to the Monastery for a prayer altar perhaps? Lumbridge/House teleports are better options though to recharge your prayer.
  5. Promised a bank pic when I posted my 99 thief pic - had it ready but accidently cropped a frame out, and couldn't be bothered to make it again. I can share my most recently total level milestone for now though for anyone who cares. :P
  6. Curious question... How much gp did you obtain from 65-99 thieving? Well, assuming the xp to gold ratio is constant, it would be about 5,034,001 coins. Don't think that's too far off, not really kept track. I could post a bank picture later though as I've made most of my money from thieving. Died a few times and spent a bit too, but it should give some idea hopefully. For now though, here's my most recent achievement/milestone:
  7. A few days old, but thought to share what I've mostly been up to in old school servers. :P Up to 250k xp/hr, and 100k gp/hr with the method shown, from level 65 to 99. I tried pyramid plunder, but didn't really like it - not sure how it compares in terms of gp and xp though. I may try it again once I have higher HP and agility levels.
  8. Here is one: It pretty much just involves rushing the Waterfall quest for 30 attack and strength. After that I think mining essence for 1-15 then doing Doric's Quest and The Knight's Sword for quick mining and smithing levels, and then doing Tourist Trap for 1-26 agility would be a good idea. Otherwise I haven't put too much thought into it.
  9. Eh? At the Sinkholes lobby if anyone wanted to know where the picture was taken.
  10. ...It's the one you make from cooking. It's not discontinued as much as a pain in the ass to make, to the point where getting one from scratch is a hard task for the desert. Ok, if someone can make me one, I'll buy it from them for 500k. :P I made a couple during the task and they all turned out to be the regular version. Random old screenshot:
  11. Bought it for 500k, feel I could have got more for it even though it took a couple of weeks to sell Anyone happen to know anything about this item? I've not been able to find any information on it really, other than some people speculating that it might be discontinued.
  12. Have had this image on my desktop for a while, still don't really know how it could have happened. :P
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