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  1. Damn thank you all, thats the most in-depth answer I've ever gotten on here! It actually gave me motivation to try it. :lol: Appreciate all the details!
  2. How difficult is MA and can it be quickly learned? Also which ring is best to imbue that can be put to use almost everywhere meaning bosses, slayer, ect.. How long does it take to get the points needed to imbue and is it worth my time?
  3. That is directly from "Pet Care" guide on tip.it under gerneral guides. That would've just made too much sense looking at that in the first place.. lol thank you.
  4. This is prolly the 4th time its happened, the first few I'm almost certain I did starve it due to neglect but this last one I fed very frequently and paid close attention to it. Do you have to constantly play with the puss (ha) or what other reason might this be from? Also will it grow if I leave it in my house?? I want a cat so i can get spices easily, kittens are no good.
  5. In the Dungeoneering Guide under rewards the Longbow Sight description says "Sighted longbows have higher accuracy and a slightly higher attack speed than regular regular longbows." I believe there is an unneeded regular in there. ;) [Crew Edit: Fixed, Thanks! ~Tecmaster532]
  6. Did a 38 rush and its still locked..
  7. Oh alright thank you, I could have sworn I did 38 last night though.
  8. I did some floors out of order but all are ticked off up to 38, yet 39 is still locked when I can do up to floor 40 why is this? Also is it best to do floors in order (meaning the floors I do large) or can it be in any order?
  9. Aw that blows, thanks for the info though. Haha no thanks. ;) Did you go for the mask with the god Jadinkos? So worth it :) Yes I did. :P
  10. Aw that blows, thanks for the info though. Haha no thanks. ;)
  11. I caught all the 10 jadinkos for the 2nd time and got the top again.. is this because I didn't have the top in my inventory so he assumed i needed it? Lol. Also, if I were to catch all 10 again right now could I get the legs or do I have to wait till next week? =/
  12. I have another question to add if you don't mind, I just started the activity today. How long does a dose of the farming pot last? Do you have to take a drink for every patch?
  13. You've been very helpful thank you!
  14. Are super def pots a good option for low cost or is there something better to do?
  15. Ok thanks everyone for your opinions. :)
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