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  1. What's the best things to do? In your opinion of course :)
  2. Well then I guess I need to find some friends who will stay with RS :)
  3. Well, I used to be P2P a few years ago then I stopped playing, but I only play at the holidays now, but I only play for like 2 days now then get bored... There's nothing to do in F2P, It's sooo dull... :(
  4. How do you manage to do it? How can you stay F2P for so long and get such high levels? I only play Runescape during the holidays so when I play, I find I quickly become bored, my levels are nearly all around the 50 mark (apart from fishing and cooking which are around 70, and crafting which is like 20 :lol: ) and I've completed all the quests, so I feel there's nothing left to do. Plus because I only play during holidays when I come back I find friends have all quit or made new accounts, so I make a few new ones and the same thing happens again.
  5. Oohh they sound much nicer I'll take them first :P Thanks :D
  6. Darn, I'm not a frequent player (only at holidays) so my cb is only 66 :lol: I'm not gonna win but meh it's just a game, I'll go for it :D Thanks :mrgreen:
  7. Another quick question :) What's the highest monster combat rating for F2P? Thanks, I'd just like to say to people that I beat it even though it's probably only like 80 or something :lol:
  8. Ah right thanks, I was skimming through these forums and say that it was a F2P minigame so just thought I'd ask :lol: Thanks for your help :)
  9. Hi I'm coming back for a while ('cause it's Easter =D) and have a (probably nubish ) question, is Bounty Hunter a safe minigame? Thanks to all who answer :thumbup: :D
  10. I was away for awhile, and now all my prices are messed up, does anyone know where I could get some info, or anything you guys know please post. P.S I'm not sure if this should go in the Help and Advice forum, as it's not help or advice, maybe it is help I'm not sure. Thanks! :D
  11. With those stats you could definitely do it, good luck when you try!
  12. I created this guide solely own my own, if your friend has it on file, then tell him to get rid of it, I have not gave anyone permission to copy this file, so I will ask you to ask him to get rid of it.
  13. I was away for a while so I might have missed it! :D Updating mining section now!
  14. Yea, I didn't want to put in to much text until I got my pictures, so I'll put my tips in tommorow, with my pictures! :D Thanks for the help! :D
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