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  1. constitution update screws up everythinggggg ....multiply everything by 10. also ice strykewyrms require 93 slayer :P
  2. one thing i really dont like is how it takes longer to measure how much xp i gain from each attack and how it screws up tanking where i now have three places on the screen to look at (health bar, stats chart, and now my health points on the top right). probably people who are really pissed off are the pkers who calculate how much health their opponent has, without evenly rounded numbers, 3 figure math is hard to run across your mind
  3. max quests is 160 now :P and max pray boost is up as well
  4. I think i saw u while i was hopping for agwd with my clan hehehe, gratz on the drops ^^ we didnt get anything but we did zgwd a while later and got 2 spear drops.. heres one of them.
  5. i believe his 99 mining deserves him some merit guys... but good total level but lets see some super levelling now! ill see you when u hit 85 smith <3:
  6. Updated everything....before it was mostly text, but all the pics are up so take a look! :D
  7. THE BLOG OF PLAXER X Most pics up! BoB coming soon! Hey TiF goers! It has been a long while since I've returned to these forums as you may note from my ancient siggy (if it is still up when you read this). It has been just under two years since I last played Runescape with certain accounts of mine, upwards to 3 or 4. This was a simpler time, the GE or Trade Limits did not exist, autoers contributed to upwards of 30% of the raw material economy. Yews were 270 each, coal 150, iron 80, cooked sharks 700....whip prices were 1.4m...mask set 120m :mrgreen: Reason why I quit runescape in the first place? I really don't know for sure, all of my friends just mutually stopped playing the game around the same time as I did. Life was good to me during those times. Got into college, met my HS sweetheart, got a decent paying job and my own car :rolleyes: Why I started playing again? Well, I'm single again <_< , have some extra time at school, kinda need a new game to play, and just why many other players play this game, its simply fun! So now after that lengthy intro, here is my blog for TiF...enjoy! Since returning from RS retirement....this is my most significant achievements 99 Defense! 289 QP! No pic...but qp cape pic coming! BoB Coming soon.....i wanna screenie my full void :D [hide=The Road of 99 Def] The Road to 99 Def: I have always had the goal of 99 defense ever since I got my attack cape (I feel strength levels are overrated in P2P). I stopped at 89, but then I decided to grind to 99 at Abby Demons from 95 - 99...here's the levels and drops I got there XP. WHIPS!!! Missing Whip 5 -.- I alched this This one too :D Pretty much got this back to back......about 6k kills in :P 8m XP and about 13,000 abby demons later.... for 99 strength, i am going to get 90 slayer...I burned from abbehs :P [/hide] [hide=Other Achievements] Some other notable levels I reached since starting playing again :^_^: Got my qp back after this :P [/hide] Future Goals: 99 Strength Full Void 90 Prayer 90 Summoning [hide=Famous People Sightings!] shortly after he passed Zezima then retired Never saw a mod personally, but a friend did...im in the pic so it counts! [/hide] [hide=Old Pics (Long but Nostalgic)] Older Pics (long but nostalgic): Now for the OLD pictures :D These were all taken 2007 and earlier so remember the good times....or for newer players...look at the old RS2 (I never played Classic, I started playing late 2004) This is what Runescape looked like right before I quit - 072407: Screenie of the Plaxer X stats prior of restarting my nolifing on RS This is the oldest pic of my account I screenied....w00t dragon armor! When 233qp gave you a qp cape :P Winning fight pits for the first time... some clan wins.. more clan pics pre-clan wars clan wars best score difference in cwars that i remember early whip drops! Ahh my red mask....I got this at 53m.. Probably the worst mistake ever.. (max worth about 120m) when I knew I was gonna quit, I liquidated everything I had and bought them...then put them in a n00b acc.....thennnnn GE happened Juggling 30m with my rl friend :P White Knight Achievements Some random house party I went to This was the debut MSW.. When a left half was 1.5m No this isnt a glitch :P Day when Hunter debuted First 99!!!! Since this was pre-GE, I actually made money doing this Another drop party Champion Scroll of a Lesser Demon some old dragon drops... Bones to Peaches Achieved! For the people who managed to get this far......beat my log in times lolz [/hide] [hide=Old Level Achievements] Some Old Level Achievements (all lvl 60+) [/hide] [hide=Bugs!!! :D] My friend gave me this one :P [/hide] Thanks for viewing my blog and send me a shout on Runescape whenever I'm online if you wanna chat, do events, high cb lvl things like god wars, etc. Rate, hate, but if you hate, think before you hate...constructive criticism pl0x PS: Kudos on keeping the maximums guide updated guys! <3: I still don't have time to keep it updated so it will be continued by the current poster.
  8. i retired from runescape so if anybody wants to continue this guide, feel free
  9. everyone kinda KNOWS this..... :roll: enyways i prefer buying certain things and making things on my own, cuz i spend less time actually getting the materials, i feel that making 500gp netprofit is grater than 1.5 raw profit in the long run if im alching thousands and thousands of bows over a mere hundreds i can produce a day
  10. you just hating cuz you dont got no 99 attack and cooking :]
  11. thanks ive done pest control once abnd thats becayuse i was too lazy to alch 30k xp :P
  12. yes for teh past 5 months i was doing like 30k a day too much school -_-
  13. just got this like 3 mins ago and the last abby i killed i got a whip :D
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