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  1. sisms 2 hacker as well? nice, i have the same set in game =)
  2. bumpo.. also as hard as it was to find pictures without massive nidity, blood and gore... here's a pic of the character
  3. the lines are very messy, and the figure doesnt look human, or even anime human. sure its not shaded yet, but right now it looks more like a slime ball than a head
  4. ANime? what type of anime... because that looks more like a badly drawn outline than anything else, and theres tons of different anime styles so.... lol
  5. technically, thats not pixeling, pixeling is a technique of placing each pixel by hand, using airbursh, circle and fill tools make it not a pixel
  6. i think that a Berserk style anime eyes might work but thats just my opinion, good job on the shading so far i love how the contrast gives it a 3d feel. cant wait to see it finished
  7. dont forget the nudity xD Yes, I take that back. To be truly faithful to Elfen Lied, one would not only have to break the gallery rules, but also chain them down and violate them using a goat, two pieces of uranium and an Eskimo fisherman. And for a second character? Someone being dismembered? I was thinking about this being a group of all my favorite anime characters (Lucy, Schro, Griffith, Kurono, L, ect)
  8. dont forget the nudity xD and thanks for the comments all, still debating on what/who to do for a 2nd character.
  9. ...Nothing like the good old fasion TIF regressive comments. thanks for that. anyway, new update, and I do enjoy REAL CRITICSM
  10. A chunk of cardboard? Lol. Well if you showed me how to make it better id be grateful. Correction: It has 89 colors hehe. BTW why is it so bad that it uses many colors? I personally like using many colors And where would you use AA? (aside from the text!) 1. increase the contrast and lower the amount of colors 2. the point of pixel art was to be used with minimal colors, you dont have to, but it sais MUCH more about your skill if you dont need many colors, contrast is key, as you have many colors, but they all look the same to me, leading to the flat feel 3. the arms, the outside of the character, the hands, t
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