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  1. maybe make the blue backround green p.s. got air gear book, it is a good read
  2. Love the realism you put into your pixel put the water squirting out of the fountain (even thoguh you probbally will)
  3. dibsen

    anime avvy

    ah long and shaggy got it and megadedged as good as crits are please tell me what I need to fix
  4. no eyes basic sketch added eyes and mouth need ideas for a hair style post here
  5. few tips anime is animation it should be manga and give it the anime/manga eyes
  6. aesthetics, asthetics its such a funny word my teacher played that cd the eyes look kind of real can't wait too see it done nice symettry on the head
  7. I agree it is hard to make all the images together and watever you said and I like anime/manga/ whatever so I personally like it
  8. Here I go my grammar isn't that great so bear with me Alex wakes up when he heres a loud alarm ""the goverment is attacking!''yells one of his men, ''not again Alex complains he gets on decke as men are boarding he ship(the ship of the unown) Alex quickly sliced the robots(I assume) with his gold coated blade after along battle ''Ahh, that wasn't too hard!'' Alex exclaimed they sail onward(they're on a ship)they see a battle ahead as they get closer they see a 5 against 5 rebels versus govermant as they go aboard an rebel ship they aid them in the battle they help 3 of the ships only wounding 2 of Alex's men after Alex know as the ultimate rebel soldier treats his men he cannot continue his arm is wounded and can't swing his sword as hard he must rest ''I can't continue tell the men and the other ships to get all men to battle postions they have double the attac rate ''Ah, good work men!'' Alex rose a proclaimed as it seemed his arm was not as hurt as he had thought they rage a full out attack on the fifth ship they quickly escape they sail for what seems ages finding nothing. To be continued tommarrow open for suggestion and is it too early to connect to others story?
  9. hitman yamaha toe-nail
  10. For not inserting a coin kids light a bag of dog stuff at your door on fire and you step on to put it out inserts a 100% bronze coin
  11. beacause people started to think you're a girl (unless you are girl then you can't see ypur face why do people rob banks for money
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