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  1. loaf2000


    I like that effect on the text of the first one.
  2. sorry it took two weeks to update. :oops: havent had a lot of free time.
  3. I like what you did with the text.
  4. you surprised me with the second one. =D>
  5. 3/10. btw. When I first saw that avatar i thought there was bug on my screen. :oops:
  6. It's not very original. Its your name and your rs stats on a background. the stat boxes are scattered all over unevenly. it makes the whole thing look messy. Text is uneven and there are white edges. and its saved as a jpg. no border. I would start over, or at least fix the stuff i pointed out above. (did you use ms paint?) you should check out some tutorials. there a lot of good ones here http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=431754
  7. good idea. maybe I should put a brick pattern?
  8. its not an orange guitar. its supposed to have a sunburst finish like this:
  9. What the hell, do you actually watch South Park? You do know God was a goat or some crap on it right? And they hassle the crap out of Jesus? And the flash backs are the best, haha! South Park to me even with all the swearing, is a little bit below me now, used to watch it heaps, but it's got a younger audiance then Family Guy I think. calm down. to me south park is still worth watching. What i mean is the rest of it makes up for those times. family doesnt(for me) so i can get over it, and not watch the few that i dont like.and im not saying south park is perfect.I jus thinks its better. thats what i mean about that. that one one wasnt that bad( it was really long though) but there are some that arent even funny. Like the one where stewy does that really tap dance thing with that guy in a sailor outfit, on the episode where they go to get his teddy bear back. (if you know what im talking about) thats just my opinion.
  10. I like the first one but the text is a little weird for me. and some colr would be nice. the second one is great.
  11. thanks guys. It might be empty because I left the cords and mics out entirely. Should I put them in? I left them out because I didnt want this to get cluttered. and ill try to make nicks head smaller. I dont really know what to do about that. :-k Exactly. I didnt try to make it the same. I didnt like how roger was facing away so I changed him completely.
  12. this is what ive been working on for the past few weeks. It's not quite finished. there are a few small details i'll fix. Im liking how it came out. heres version 1: then version 2 (sig): I still need to fix the bricks a little . Im going to let ledzeprox99 use this. [new] version 3: (added curtains, an amp, fixed roger a little,... ) I havn't had much time lately so that's why it took a week or two for me to update. -.- also I used a picture as a reference( loosley) [hide][/hide] and here are some of the wips. I dont have all of them: [hide][/hide]
  13. south park is way better on every level. Anyway...I'll watch family guy and it' is pretty funny, but it's a little too stupid for me. I do think that they use more offensive stuff than they should. ( i don't like when they make fun of jesus. It goes a little too far for me) I don't like how a lot of times someone will say something or make a joke and then they show some clip of it. I don't remeber any of those right now but i'm sure you know what im talking about.
  14. I don't think it's your best but it's not to bad. the only things that bothers me is the weird swirls in the middle, and the text should be a different font.
  15. it didn't look that different from the original anyway .
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