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  1. I would like the two separate also i dont want the hood any more. but instead a high collar on the inside layer, like chin height about. they dont have to be colored but if you want to go ahead its fine either way thanks :)
  2. Hey hawkxs hows it coming so far?
  3. Is anyone working on it right now? if decided that its a combo between these 2 designs...
  4. thanks hawkxs that will help with making it going for a custom design so i can only use it for a guideline really. solartide... you are doing it wrong.... i was thinking today and realised what i want is very simular to some of the stuff in bleach i also decided that i want the outside part to be open, more of a cloak type of thing
  5. Im planing on making a robe type thing some time soon iv never been good at designing clothes so i was hoping someone could sketch together a good design for me Id like a front, side, and back view of each piece if possible, but anything you can do would be great :) I want it to be 2 pieces as i show in the drawing. right now the hood is on the first layer but that can change if it looks better on the outside one. the outside robe is kinda over-sized, very large sleeves, and loose fitting the inside is much tighter, closer fitting, bust still loose enough to easily move around in. I cant decide on using white or black, but the other colors i'm using are medium shades of blue Idea for outer layer(more complex than i want, but thats the basic idea) Idea for inner layer Idea for how the hood should look
  6. So i have some new info! When you plug a monitor in you can get it to work in safemode. If you try to run it in normal mode the screen turns black after the loading windows thing is done. Before this he wasn't able to use it in normal either because the screen would just be a bunch of colors the startup isnt right either... it flashes some [cabbage] things, it may be text but its too fat to realy tell. then if you hit F8 the menu for booting comes up. Also once in awile it says you sould system restore when you start up. If you do it nothing changes I think that it i whipe all the graphics drivers on it and install new ones it will work. Im not too sure how to delete the old ones though. any ideas?
  7. I figured.... so any idea of what to do know a friend said might have to reformat, would be a bit hard with out being able to see it though...
  8. forgot to mention... its a laptop... so idk how graphics cards work in them... but ill try that if i can find it
  9. My friend just downloaded drivers for his video card. They where right from the Nvidia site and for the right card and everything. After it installed it told him to restart, which he did but when it booted back up the screen was black. It didn't turn on at all. Cant get to BIOS or safemode, well maybe he can but the screen is black so you wouldn't know. Tomorrow... er.. today he will be coming over and try to plug it in to a monitor to check if the screen is just fried and its really bad timing or if there is truly a problem with the drivers. So if it is the driver how do we fix this? not being able to see and all...
  10. Im an eagle scout and i know exactly what you mean When i first joined it was great... you leader let us mess around and stuff as long as no one got hurt to dad and we got some stuff done... but then he left and we got a new leader... he had to do everything right and proper... no more fun... now for your question... Is the Eagle rank like a skillcape? Just having it show off, and not really learning on the way? Well i learned alot in scouts... and it also helps out alot after... Its gotten me 2 jobs so far... they where like your an eagle? yep... HIRED! and if you want to join the military you get 1 or 2 ranks automatically... Is the scouts more about instilling values and morals than learning about nature and the extremes of rugged high adventure? It seems its about values and morals now... but its supposed to be nature and skills, adventure, ect... but that has changed sadly.... How do you feel about the Scouts (are you a member/were you a member) [don't say lulz scoots r teh n00bs]. Well i already answered that... I liked how they used to be... love the concept that there supposed to be... and hate the way they actually are now... How should I deal with my conflicting interests about scouting (I want to get Eagle, because I've been a scout for 9 years, but I feel forced to believe what everyone else does/I have it harder because my dad doesn't run the troop.)? I say you try to get it done as fast as you can, that dosent mean rush and screw everything up... I just started ignoring the annoying leaders whenever i could... did pretty much everything at home... just got the stuff signed off at meetings...
  11. I went paintballing for my first time a few months ago.. it was amazing had so much fun I never got hit so im not sure about how bad it hurts but i have a high tolerance for pain anyways. the place we played at was great, they had the huge castle/fort thing for a attack and defend, they also had a small town setup and just some fields with small bunkers and thing.... I realy want to play but i need more people to be worth it... oh well...
  12. dam.... out of the 4 he was probably my favorite... I was just beginning to become a fan of his new show too... just wont be the same without him... R.I.P.
  13. well i still have my 2000 Pontiac grand prix its been a pretty good car... starting to fall apart though... ac hasn't worked for a year or so... the roof leaks cause the person who owned it before me took out the sunroof and did a crappy job butting a normal one on... hoppin to get a new car soon but ims poor... :cry: and paying for college isnt helping any either...
  14. Yeah, the show needs to die. Let's see here, little kids butchering the English language on x-box live, people in mmo's who [bleep] about you not playing how they "think" you should, 4chan, ignorant racists of all races, the two party political system, reality tv, shoes like entertainment tonight, most fanboys, parents who think that they should "reason" with their kids, jail bait, and a plethora of little annoyances that usually come in groups. YEAH!!!! someone agrees :mrgreen:
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