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  1. So good. Your great sense of humour and ability to convey emotion makes this perfect. :P
  2. With your opinions on the artwork. :P
  3. hate is such a strong word... OT i really like the first one, and 3rd one, not a huge fan of the middle one, just not my style the last one is... uhh, nor my style To be honest, I totally agree. :P
  4. Perhaps a more relaxed and less symmetrical pose?
  5. I totally agree Terley. At times I would rather sketch out lighting and forms than chisel out a detailed pixel piece. I'll add more things as I make them.
  6. It's way too hard to tell your abilities based on stuff you've used refs for. Anyone can copy to this extent from a ref.
  7. Thanks. I think I may work on cleaning the last one up and perhaps the first one. The second was just an experiment. :P Thanks for the comments everyone.
  8. Well, a remote, a nes controller, whatever. I didn't define a perspective on the thing so the viewer could decide.
  9. Aussie King, is that a joke? It's probably the most boring subject matter that exists. Save your signature. Purfish, it depends on the critique I get. We'll see.
  10. New avatar. 15 minutes in MsPaint. 10 colours inc. trans I think. No palette unification though. Just a piece I thought would mark my return to tip.it better. :) Crits and comments appreciated. Edit: 3 colour volumetrics experiment. 10 minutes paint. Not executed too well, but I think it works. Tried to break up the picture into two different planes. Side of head and face. Just a joke thing I made for another forum, maybe worth posting. Just got bored. About 35 minutes, mspaint. I hate it. You might like it.
  11. The shades of the right cheek (portrait's) don't work as well because they make the middle seem like a buffer shade. Dithering just adds to the confusion. I tried an edit and improved the readable form slightly, but the problem is the contrast in the two darkest skin tones, not your technique. Very impressive work and welcome back.
  12. It's really bugging me, that whilst the shading you've used might resemble metal, it doesn't define actual form that well. I think using more basic shading and refining and adding lots of white for the highlights would yield a better result. There is a lot of banding and excessive colours. Once again, I think shading with far less colours just to define the form and later adding more colours and detail if necessary would improve this. As noted, before, the forearms are too small, as are the shoulders and torso.
  13. Haha, me too. ;P It shocks people when I show them flip tricks after they call me gay because I roll.
  14. Cars, I got hit by a car last year. I was insanely lucky to come out almost unscathed. Not irrationally, but the thought of a car accident scares me, a lot. Also being in the air when you know, in seconds you will come in contact with the ground in an undesirable way. That happens to me often.
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