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  1. OMG i have the same problem, it takes like 2 minutes of holding down enter to get in. I've tried EVERYTHING i can't figure out why this is happening.
  2. download firefox, if it still wont work in FF then right click>View image on all of the [X]'s
  3. ^ I just did. still the same problem.
  4. Can someone please help me, I still can't play.
  5. I've waited 5 minutes, and even left it over night and still the same problem, I'll do a virus scan right now. My wireless connection is secure and like i said i'm the only one who plays rs.
  6. I can't log into runescape, I've tried on all my accounts but it keeps saying "too many incorrect logins from your address, try again in 5 minutes" even though it's my first attempt to log in and i'm the only one who plays rs in my house, i've tried restarting my computer, using the RS client, and the browser version but it always says the same thing. What do I do?? :o
  7. 370211931299 ^i't's a time. like, how time is coded in websites.
  8. how does that have anything to do with what he asked?
  9. When I click play runescape, it does its usual loading thing, but once it hits "loading defaults" it freezes then goes to whitescreen eventually, i've tried playing with FF, the RS client and SK but none of them will load runescape. help?
  10. @ the topic "the runescape me" There are two kinds of rants, and really, only two, there are the rants about updates (like you said) and then there the rants that come from people COMPLAINING about those rants.
  11. The first time I tried the puzzle box for my clue I had 4 squares left [hide=First lag][/hide] I tried again and this happened: I also lagged out 3 seconds later.
  12. Sad :wall: What's sadder, that you lagged out or that you take 4 mins to complete the last 5 squares :wall: lol shut up, you know I dont :P The point is that I was so close to finishing
  13. ugh, and earlier before, I was at steel dragons, and watching tv, somehow the dragon got close to me, and meled me to death, then when I tried to get back I forgot an axe ._. soo I lost full void and 9k bolts .____.
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