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New Skill: Astrology


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What do u think about this skill?








It works just like prayer only its aimed at working skills, like mining, smithing, fishing, cooking and more.




For example: Sign of Scorpio gives +5% mining( u mine faster)








And to raise your lvl, u must mine Meteorite ores. Then u must burn it into a Starite, then u charge the starite at a Astrology centre. When that is done, u just unleash it.




It looks like u hold ur hands up and a big light appears. U get 5xp for one unleashed charged starite.

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First. U wont see the sky, the starite will just fly up and u will get xp.








Thats just an example. I didnt say i thought out a skill just to get mining faster. It would be really comfourtble to do things faster with these stars.

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stop spamming the forum with your 6 threads trying to improve everything with 3 sentences. half the stuff isnt thought out, altho your one idea about improving magic wasnt that bad.








My hero. :roll:

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  • 1 year later...

Despit the fact that no one read what he was saying...




Its a fair idea and adds more luck into the game, rather than endless clicking, you rasie this skill and depending on your star sign(when you began playing ie december) You eathier gain xp fast or you get a permanate raise. This is reflected by your star sign.








Herblore you make some potion




Mining you mine stardust




Smithing you smelt stardust




Fire lighting you make pattens of the stars




Theiving you translate a book








and so on...

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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I have seen the skill astrology suggested two times before, and I really don't like the idea of it; it would be just like the slayer skill.....a skill that fed off of other skills and was not interwoven into anything.

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