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Need some training advice.


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My stats are currently:


Att: 53


Str: 52




HP: 49


Prayer: 29




I will be training with full rune + kite and rune scimmy, and once I get to lvl 60 att and def I will switch to dragon. While training I want to lvl prayer so I was thinking moss giants.




I would also appreciate it if you gave advice on when to switch to different monsters. (I'm a member if that helps) Thanks.

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I would suggest training slayer with your combat. If you don't want to, then mossies do sound pretty good.


Combat 116+; Total 1900+; All Hard Tasks; (Nearly) All quest points; (Nearly) All skills 60+; An aquatic moose ninja.

Currently: Using 63 hunter to get some of those "Chins", then I'm going to range stuff down. Interruptions of agility when I feel like it, as well.

And lucky enough to get 4 Dragon and 6 Barrow Drops.

[hide]Kwimbob now looks exactly like me in real life except for hair color. Yes, this means I look exactly like the protagonist of that certain anime that my second character, Faye_V is also named after. Yes, I bought a jacket that also looks like his. No in real life I don't have a slain bear to sling over my shoulders. Yes, I'm that skinny even if I no-life it for years in basements. No, I can't shoot a gun. Yes, I can win any other strategic video game you have never played - because I probably have, ahahaha. And yes, I also have brown eyes, yet one of my eyes looks different from the other. And yes, I'm completely oblivious to the [real] world around me as I constantly engineer new solutions to daily problems in my head. When I get hungry, all that isn't food can wait. When I'm sleepy - nothing is of any priority in front of sleep. But at any other time, I never slow down. Never give up. Never Surrender. Makes for a good life.


- See You, Space Cowboy.[/hide][/hide]

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try killing baby blue dragons. they are level 46 combat and pretty easy. do it in taverly dungeon in a partialy populated world(1100-1300 players). People will have take most of the blue dragons, so they won't be much of a threat, but bring an anti-fire sheild just in case :D


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