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Fight cave help plz - looking for cape owners only plz


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I am now going to start getting supplies for cave- but what should i get??




heres my stats;




cbt; 109


att; 91


str; 85


def; 87


hits; 89


range; 75


prayer; 65






heres things i alreayd have;




full guthans


full veracs (dunno bout prayer bonus thing)


2 crystal bows


fury ammy


7m to spend on supplies


barrow gloves


full blak drag hide


robin hood hat


rangers boots




plz say if i need any of the followin abd how many of them- (Plz say enough for like 5-10 trips)




sara brews




super restore pots(4)


ranger ring


initiate armour








thx and wish me luk

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Well for every trip I use these things:




Inventory: 16 Super Restore Pots (4), 3 Ranging Pots (4) (Lasts through 360s), D hally (Works well, I use to melee the 180s and not to waste charges.), Guthans plate, legs, and spear, a full crystal bow (or Karils Crossbow with like 1k boltracks), and either like 3 sara brews (4) which you can swap in sharks or something if you feel like it but make sure you bring at least 1.




Wearing: Guthans Helm, Black D'hide Body (Or Karils Top), Blk D hide Chaps (Or Karils Leatherskirt), Crystal bow full, Fury ammy (I've seen people use glories or holy symbols as well), archers ring, and ranger boots.




Good luck obtaining the cape.





Proud Ex-Crimson Flames Leader

Proud Fire Cape owner at level 102!

To support my 99 slayer goal, Click Here

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