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Are my stats good for staking? What should I work on?


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My current f2p gear and my signature emote - just for kicks..




I really want to be a melee pker, because melee owns it! This character was made before RS2 beta, but I dont have slycthes or anything to prove it because I missed all the drops (depressing I know). Anyway, I wanna be a melee pker cause thats the RSC way, and Im a RSC choober playing RS2. Pure str ftw! Thats how I always liked it..



In Khazakstan we say God, Man, Horse, Dog, then Woman, Rat and small cockroach..

M.A.D 4 Lyfe

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Help and Advice works.




But most stakers have High Defence and High Attack and Low Strength, but you can probably do good too, depending on what rules you do. Maybe if you did nothing except weapons and you have a Whip and A DDS.

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