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  1. So should the lower floors just be rushed?
  2. I just got into dungeoneering. I'm only level 52 right now. (129 combat). I'm looking to optimize experience, but I don't really understand how. I got to my max floor then reset my prestige. I see how you get more experience kind of doing the next play through, but what happens if I reset again if my "Progress" is lower, but I've completed higher floors? Or do I need to do all floors even low level ones before resetting? What's the best way to train it?
  3. You're kidding right... I'll admit in a way it's easier, but in some aspects it's bat[cabbage] harder: You cant boss without being crashed, not like RSC. You cant train gathering skills or even slayer at certain levels because of the FREAKISHLY INSANE amount of bots. The "average" maturity of players dropped drastically and seems most 138's I see are 13 year old kids on a high. (not being high, difference) Back on topic, I wouldn't even count in a list for Classic, most I got was 12 attack, 2 prayer and a red partyhat on Xmas. (Of which I have neither now) So your post is entirely useless.
  4. My guess is it will be the jadinko that requires the highest slayer level to kill (91) that drops it. The lower ones might drop it too, just at a significantly lower rate. (I believe the slayer requirements for the other two are 80 and 86.) Hm. They said that the vine is going to have a requirement of 80 slayer. If it's an untradeable drop from all three, that would give it that requirement... This. I think people are getting confused. Sounds like combat levels more to me.
  5. I've been gone a long time. I've played since classic opened. Just came back after a four year break. Getting my skills up / quests etc. Looking for; Maturity PvM maybe pvp events. Skillining Social clans / humor Not looking to join another forum at all, sorry. PM in game, as i will probably forget to check here.
  6. "Yeah I was addicited, I used to play 10 hours a day!" Haha. I played for three days straight then slept. I did this two summers. I would literally play 60+ hours in a row. But I wasn't antisocial. Everyone I knew at the time played RS. This was back in 02-04. Then I went to Uni and stopped playing. Just picked it up again after four years.
  7. How do you guys know if people are botters? What are the common areas? It's been a long while since I've played. Botters have changed.
  8. [spoiler=Summoning]Most monsters now drop different colored charms that can be collected and made into pouches for summoning XP. Combat summons are mostly useless until high levels (89+) so the main benefit of training is to call familiars that hold items for you. [spoiler=Dungeoneering]Dungeoneering is a glorified minigame where you gain XP for continuously raiding the dungeons below a castle in the wilderness. The high level weapon rewards are a necessity for any competitive monster hunting. [spoiler=High level prayer]The Temple at Senntisten quest unlocks a new prayer sheet that isn't very useful until level 95. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ancient_curses [spoiler=High level herblore]Various untradeable potions can be made with high herblore levels: Recover special will restore special attack energy but can only be sipped every 30 seconds. Super antifire gives full protection from dragonfire so you can use a good shield slot item. Extremes are combat potions stronger than supers. Overloads are all 5 extremes mixed. Damn, herblore got buffed hardcore. Any examples for 99s being easier? And thanks for the summoning clarification. And to the above. I left around a little while after skill capes (I think.) I remeber the biggest parts of the game were Abby demons, barrows and the GWD just came out I think.
  9. So besides being thoroughly confused with the amount of updates since I've last played, is it much easier to get 99s now? It seems many many people have 99 stats. Why is this? Pretty much left after I got 85 slayer and farmed whips for awhile. Pretty much know nothing about summoning, forgot everything about hunting as well. Anyone have any tips / advice. IE whats the best equipment now and such.
  10. Yeah pretty much the last thing I remember is Hunting coming out. I started playing again. What is the major changes beside Summoning / Graphics?
  11. I'm trying to boot up an extra computer that I had. During boot up I recieve an error saying disk read error. I checked the boot sequence and the HDD is first, so its not trying to boot from the CDD, so I checked the IDE cables into the HD and they seem fine, anyone have any sugestions?
  12. Interesting. With my 3dsMax and Maya experience I will say that Processing power is the most important factor for rendering etc.
  13. Is it bad to have more Watts than needed on a PSU?
  14. Start -> Run -> DxDiag. See how much RAM it tells you there. If not reinstall the RAM from largest 1g to the 512's.
  15. Random turn offs is an effect of a power supply. It could be your hardware is demanding more watts than it can put out or it is failing.
  16. Rofl. I bet no traders even used this way. The most blatant easy method still works.
  17. If an imminent threat was posed against, say Scotland, would you take up arms and join the military or just duck in fear behind a toolshed? I can't believe the stuff written here. :shock: Your attitudes will probably change after you grow older... Its America.
  18. Why does it matter? Is showing this video too students a big deal? Most students will push it off anyways because they don't care. Even if we did something about global warming and it was false then it doesn't matter, its just wasted money.
  19. First of all, its already been said that it won't be a skill. It will be a spell book. Second, where is this announcement on a huge update? Just wondering. . . . Nevermind, re-read the bottom of the November thing.
  20. Almost a full level sticky in Halo 3. Wargasm.
  21. I really doubt someone wants to dish out 5M every time they want to sell a Party Hat.
  22. Hopefully it does, so it doesn't take 30 minutes to get into to world 2 to buy something.
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