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  1. Awesome, they're keeping them in the public spotlight yet...
  2. I ate at taco bell with some friends, watched Southpark, played some Halo and Guitar Hero. Average night. The real halloween for me was a little party on Saturday. Tuesday is a lame day for candy night.
  3. Basically I just wanted a place where we could share eachother's most asskicking moments from games like Halo 3 (theater kicks so much butt), WoW, or any other game. Make sure to give the story behind the picture and keep the image to a reasonable (compressed) size :). I'll start with this screenshot from an infection game in Halo 3. I was the first zombie and got this sweet triple kill by drilling 2 people with the hammer and deflecting a rocket into a third (I won the game btw). Add King Arizona if you wanna play :).
  4. Well if you're going to the Grand Canyon I can definitely tell you it's worth it. I think i've been there at least 4 or 5 times since moving here. If you want to shell out a few extra bucks and you go in the spring or summer, you'll definitely want to check out doing a pack-mule ride or a rafting trip. If you're going in the winter you'll just have to deal with a really killer view if there's snow. Have fun in the States :D
  5. Me and my 2 best buds have been friends since elementary school. We had the same teachers and in high school did ROTC all four years and were in the top ranks. Theyre both in the Marines now though, im stuck at home bein a college boy.
  6. I've beat every song on expert EXCEPT Raining Blood. I can get through Mosh 1 easy peasy, i'm just having trouble with the final chorus before the solo. Chords are my weakness :(
  7. A: It's impossible because the laws of physics wouldn't allow it. B: Gravity doesn't "move". C: I'm gettin out of here and doing my real physics homework. Y'all can keep playing science :)
  8. Gravity doesn't move; it's a property of mass.
  9. Use your imagination. You can't predict something that's physically impossible with any degree of correctness. It's science fiction.
  10. All forms of light, not just the implied visible light. Hence I said light, not just "visible light" :)
  11. Just so's you know, education (for the most part) is run on a very local level. It's not necessarily the "american" school system, it's the individual district or county (or maybe even state). I'm not meaning to be an [wagon].
  12. I'm doubting even 10% of the people here know how to tie a tie.
  13. You can't shoot anything at the speed of light anyway. Only light can go as fast as light.
  14. Boy deloria, you better hope you don't get stuck with me and my buds. We have a tendency to get bored and just play to see how fast we can get booted out :lol:. It's an [wagon] thing to do but meh, it's a video game.
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