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  1. Trust me, I do; exercising said quality on an internet forum is not my highest priority, though.
  2. Contrary to the popular belief of this forum, I have yet to see a good-looking girl post her picture.
  3. I tend to do this not only on forums, but on social websites such as MySpace as well. It's interesting how a higher tier of grammar, spelling, diction, and word choice usually correlate directly to higher intelligence; I'm not saying this is the situation the whole time, just the vast majority. In addition to this, grammar mistakes such as the aforementioned "should of", which may seem trivial to many people, irk me immensely, especially in verbal language.
  4. I did edit my post, because I felt it was unnecessary to add. But, in response, the correct word choice would be crookedly. And, has anyone ever heard the saying: "it's the little things in life that make the biggest difference"? I'm out. Flame on, TIF, flame on.
  5. Who could you possibly be talking about with this post? I'm perplexed.
  6. You know by saying that it makes you no better than us. :) Ah, Touché, my friend. I'm done with this argument for now; I'm going to bed. If anyone wishes to continue, I'll check back in the morning, or you can simply PM me.
  7. How can it be the last time when there wasn't even a first? Plus you never even implied that he should remove his sig until now. And so what if it is hypocrisy? It's like the most minor case of that I've ever seen. If you want to really get technical "trying to be a grammatically-critical" isn't correct either. Actually its correct, thank you. Even if it wasn't, I'm not the one with the signature preaching about grammatical correctness.
  8. For the last time, I merely used his grammar as an example in composing my post, along with providing an example to why he should remove his signature, as it is hypocrisy and a complete contradiction. Zierro: Pennywise's question is answered in bold. And, where is my grammatical error?
  9. There shouldn't be a hyphen in between "grammatically" and "critical". Oh, the ignorance. It works either way, my man.
  10. Ok, what did saying that accomplish? It was already determined dizzle's sentence was incorrect; was this just to reinforce the fact? And, I wasn't trying to be a grammatically-critical, just merely contributing to the thread using evidence to strengthen my point.
  11. "Are" should be "is", my friend. This is a huge contradiction, for two reasons. Reason one: in your signature, you preach about how Tip.It forum should take a grammar lesson before joining, and yet you have a blatant grammar error here. Reason two: your notion of "95% of the male population of my school are drooling morons" is a complete contradiction seeing you have an aforementioned grammar error in that sentence. To answer the question of this thread: ignorant people annoy me.
  12. Frankly, I think the OP is merely seeking attention.
  13. Hell, that has to take courage to admit on a RuneScape Internet Forum. How long did it take you to gain the courage to admit it? And, "man enough"? Give me a break, Tribal.
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