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81 mage.


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i currently have 70 mage. i would like have 81 magic. so if you could please list a method. but very well explained. and maybe a high-alching method. like buy so many. alch. buy a certain amount. oh. and i have 5.3 mil budget for this. :boohoo:

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This method requires at least 70 fletching:




1. Buy 1k yew logs for 250ea


2. Buy bowstrings for 150(?)ea


3. Fletch it into yew longs


4. Buy nats 300ea




Alch. Alch. Alch. Alch. ...


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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Or if you're feeling lazy buy 23,000 yew longs for 600ea (maybe less if you're lucky) and 23,000 nats at 300 each, alch the lot and you'll lose about 3mil getting to 81 mage.





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