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  1. World of Warcraft of course. Unless you count the 25 dollar fying mounts but those are purely cosmetic.
  2. The gameplay just induces range lol
  3. +1 More Zoidberg imo
  4. I watched the first 2 and they had too much story in it for my liking... Some good jokes but the emotional 'fry loves leela' thing is really annoying. EDIT: Apparantly the third episode is much better I'll get back to you in about 25 minutes.
  5. The gritty atmosphere from the original alien movies seemed gone with all the bright lights I saw in the trailer :(
  6. The older (and thus smarter) I get the more that annoys me. Real shame, the first 3 alien movies are awesome.
  7. Haha don't worry about it, you will learn what is good and what not once you've played a couple of hundred games. Reasons why AP teemo is bad: Your poison dart scaling with AP is horrible, your blind deals nice damage but has a long cooldown and your mushroom damage depends on your opponents stepping on them which is very unreliable. Reasons why AD TF is bad: The teleport is a great tool for ganking but AD characters generally lack damage early game. Late game is much more centered around teamfights where your ultimate isn't very good. Your cards are a great poke when you're AP but they become useless after 10 minutes if you are AD. The stun is good but when you are in a teamfight you want to focus on positioning above all else as an AD carry and the cards are very distracting (for me at least). And TF has a rather short attack range which means he has to expose himself to a lot of spells from the enemy team if he wants to do damage (or stun). www.solomid.net has some excellent guides.
  8. I really hope you don't play ranked lol
  9. meb

    Diablo III

    I'm way behind on progress because I rerolled barb^^ Amazing what some resist gear does because before I was dropping dead 2-3 times on pretty much every elite pack and now I have 300 resists with warcry and I only die once max on the really hard packs, just now I survived and invulnerable minion/arcane/molten/vortex pack with my demon hunter dying 3 times in the process. Nice kill. The vid demonstrates really well why I'm glad I am now playing a barb: Everything that sneezes at a caster kills it dead. Wizards have much better defensive cooldowns than witch doctors too. With my barb I can just tank all day and never die. When I farm enough cash for another decent socketed onehander I'm going dual wield frenzy D2 style. Enough life on hit should make it work.
  10. meb

    Diablo III

    There's a difference between a challenge and a game that turns into mario because everything oneshots you. - It's impossible to progress beyond act 2 as a melee character unless you farm to buy gear from act 3/4 - The gear is farmed by a glass cannon DH/Wizard because no other class can farm effectively - Getting oneshot by white mobs is the philosophy behind mario, not diablo - The game is about farming items, not farming money so you can buy stuff off the AH - Every class has 8 viable skills (this includes runes) max which is retarded when you have like 15 skills with 7 runes to modify them
  11. meb

    Diablo III

    I'm very happy with the changes in patch 1.0.3 :). Inferno past act 1 just wasn't fun.
  12. This episode was the best so far imo. I'm also going to watch some old TLA episodes now, everything from before the book of fire is hazy at best. I believe Korra is going to connect to the spirit world next episode and learn how to airbend to escape whatever prison they Tarlok sent her off to. Seems a given. Can't wait to see it^^
  13. meb

    Diablo III

    Jump in difficulty from a1 to a2 inferno is ridiculous. As a wizard you can kite everything and do well without insane gear but it's not easy. shift click the item when you have your chat open :) Most bosses are a joke on inferno, getting NV stacks is the hard part. I die when a white sneezes at me in act 2 but I killed Maghda without ever being in danger and even got the achievement from dodging everything which is really easy.
  14. meb

    Diablo III

    Got a nice pair of boots for 40k today, int vit res all mf and %movement. I love people who can't value items properly. My biggest issue with Blizzard right now (other than the lack of viable builds in inferno) are the weapon drops in act 1 inferno. Because of the absurd DPS scaling on weapons (up to 100% increase in DPS from a1 to a3 weapons) every level 60 weapon is salvage fodder. Who wants a 600 DPS bow with incredible stats when he can get a 1000 DPS blue for 100k on the AH? And weapons are at least 50% of all rare drops:/
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