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  1. I would make a list here, but honestly I could just link you guys to another site of my top 100. http://rateyourmusic.com/list/Redhaloguy/top_100 Top 10 however 1. Stalker (1979) 2. It's a mad mad mad mad world (1963) 3. Seven Samurai (1954) 4. Solyaris (1972) 5. Dersu Uzala (1975) 6. City Lights (1931) 7. Everything Is Illuminated (2005) 8. The good the bad and the ugly (1966) 9. King Kong (1933) 10. Harakiri (1962)
  2. New band Dry the river's debut Really fantastic indie rock. Surprising for a debut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-V8F-M-_YU Also, this shitty album cover.
  3. Joint Security Area 3/5 Average film, actiony, really a lot of talking, a little confusing, twas alright. Y tu mamá también [And Your Mother Too] 4/5 Really interesting film from Alfonso Cuarón, You feel like you know the entire plot by the beginning of it. But it totally throws you around for loops as this plot develops, Also, it's pretty sexy. The Friends of Eddie Coyle 3/5 Decent film about Bank robbing and gun smuggling and trading, lots of talking as well.. nothing really too amazing however, The Raid: Redemption 3.5/5 Really interesting sort of blend of Hard Boiled and Oldboy. Interesting action film, not much plot there, and it's pretty violent and bloody. I mean, a man gets killed by a door for god sakes.
  4. Since the season 7 was just shown, I thought to make a thread about a quite popular tv series. Thoughts from the first 2 episodes? I thought the Damn joke and Great Crate were too funny, but that's because I love simple jokes Most of it was pretty sub par, but I have high standards probably. Also, Are they really using memes as jokes now? Quite lame I will say...
  5. Moonrise Kingdom 4/5 Same styles as a Wes Anderson film. But this time, all the kid actors act like Adults and the adult are kids. Which is quite strange, but very interesting. the film was shot really well, as his other films. It really felt like a good mix of Royal Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic Otherwise, it's pretty high up there on my favorites of his, but I'd have to see it again to really say if it's better than Rushmore.
  6. The art of getting by 3/5 Good directing, typical indie film style, plot and characters. nothing really neat to see here. Wages of Fear 4/5 Really tense and great film, The whole first act of the film was a little.. long. It really didn't get me into the mood until they got into the trucks, then shit got serious. Rules of the game 2.5/5 Boring, long, and really aggravating film. For some reason, I couldn't enjoy "rich people problems" and all the struggles they went though. It was really dry, didn't have any flavor to it like Grand Illusion had. A bittersweet life 4.5/5 Really fantastic action film. Probably on par with a lot of John Woo films. The main actor (Lee Byung-hun) did a fantastic job of portraying the character. The soundtrack was really good, and I don't usually say that about films. this film was so good I had to check out the directors other works The good the bad and the weird. 4/5 Someone described this as "A mix between The good the bad and the ugly and It's a mad mad mad mad world. " I would agree, except the setting and pacing is a little off for this to be as good as those 2 films. Still really funny and good, pretty much a cardboard cutout of the characters from TGTBATU but who cares, I mean it's in the title that the film is going to be like that.
  7. I agree with both of these statements. -looks up who yakone is- Ok. I totally thought it was Tarrlok in the flashback. I guess it would be that Yakone guy. Still. I don't have enough information on what happened to Yakone, but is it possible Yakone = Tarrlok? Since this happened around 40(?) years ago and they look somewhat of the same age, I doubt it. Maybe his father though? They look somewhat the same... He's a powerful blood bender which makes him a powerful water bender, and water bending can also be used for healing. It's not that much of a stretch that he also uses his bending to slow down/stop his aging via water bending healing. Which would also explain why he's such a good bender - he's had lots of time to practice. I'd need to hear more about Yakone's story tho, to determine how likely it is that he's still alive and kicking. Either way, it can't be a coincidence that they look the same. Also, I was talking to a guy who was saying how fire benders seemed to always be the bad benders. Well, Dai Li are bad earthbenders, and we have a bad water bender =D I will give you that. Dai li aren't really.. like Bad benders, they're like Nazi Soldiers, You think they're bad, but they're just people following orders Can't say the same for Him, he's just evil, you can see that look in his eye. But honestly, Hint at racism much? Oppressing people just because their different? Fun learning.
  8. Blue Velvet 4/5 Lynch. Dennis Hopper, Crazy, intense. Weird. Typical film for lynch
  9. also it doesn't help that everyone is hurt by Firebenders, and blames ALL benders because of one little firebender. YEAH THANKS FIREBENDERS Making everything worse for everybody.
  10. I hate how clearly Amon is so poor of a character. He's just a big racist for the Benders. They clearly need to develop him more.
  11. Oasis (2002) 4/5 Really interesting story. Love conquers all. (However spending an hour to get the subtitles right is a pain...) Shame 4/5 Much better than Hunger, Steve McQueen really knows how to direct a film and I am excited to see where he goes from this. Cowboys and Aliens 2/5 Weird blending of Sci-fi and Western that really didn't mix well. the acting was really sub-par from everyone and nobody really felt like they cared. [spoiler=spoiler]However when they figured out that they wanted gold, that was pretty stupid, I mean damn, us humans want gold, come on couldn't they have come up with something a little better than that? Badlands (either 4/5 or 4.5/5 I really can't decide.) Fantastic film from Malick, he really knows how to really make a film. Wonderful cinematography, interesting characters, fantastic writing. However the pacing was a little slow, even for an hour and a half film. But I think it's still very well done, Not quite as good as Days of Heaven or Tree of life, but quite up there at least.
  12. Yeah as enjoyable as it was I would still not give it the title "best". The Dark Knight would be up there, but Sin City would still probably be the best one I've seen. Darkman, Enough said.
  13. Avengers 2.5/5 Average superhero films at best, rehashing the same plots over and over, nothing really new. I personally thought all the jokes were pretty lame, some didn't even need to be made by some of the characters. (The drinking joke by loki for example), CGI shite fest, nothing really new or amazing to really see. Way of the dragon 3/5 Bruce lee kicking peoples asses for about 30 mins, while a plot remains for an hour, That hour was pretty dull, however Bruce lee's fight scenes were really well done, and not anything like a typical action kung-fu film. Star Trek 3/5 Gah, time travel, really... The film was alright, the whole tint of it though was dark and really didn't need to be, it was way distracting. Second, Lens Flare. Why... It's more annoying then anything J.J. I'm not a big fan of the series, so I can only really comment about how the film is in this sense, so it was just okay. Surprised that they are making a sequel already. AND NOT A CLOVERFIELD ONE. -.-
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