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New member needs help!!


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I myself just got members aswell, and I think i can help you a bit. To wield the DD and D long, you have to do the Lost City quest. They cost 60k and 100k respectively. For teh D scimitiar, you need to do monkey madness, and D hally requires Regicide. For dragon Mace and dragon B Axe, you need to do heros quest. Armor wise, you need to do legends for the drag square sheild. I don't really know the price for most of this stuff, though I do know teh drag chain is around 20 mil, the med a bit below 1 mil. For all drag items, you need lvl 60 of the skill. Thats pretty much all I know...I'm sure a more seasoned member can fill in the gaps that i missed, and perhaps correct me.

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I did them in this order:




Lost City


Heroes Quest


Monkey Madness




I plan to do Legends for the shield (Not shield cape)




Then Regicide later.

If anyone remembers me... PM ME. having nostaligia issues D:

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