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My f2p pure


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lvl 5 goblins in the goblin village north of fally are decent


Slayer FTW!!! Currently Lvl 73

Barrows Items: 8 Dragon Drops: 5

1632 Total All Skills 60+ 1700 blog.

"If you have got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"-Flamers Watch Out

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There are quite some places but I'd suggest Al-kharid warriors.They are lvl 9 with 18hp & theres a kebab seller just out there selling kebabs 1gp each so food shouldnt be a problem.It's multi combat as well but shouldn't be a huge problem.




Just check them.If you dont like them there are few I might suggest later.


Thanks to WithTheQuickness for the sig!

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i dunno defense-wise, but training on deadly red spiders is a great way to get xp for me. i have 55 defense, so i don't know if it would do any good to you...


Retired from runescape. I will be on every now and then though. :)

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