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Need Some RANGED PKing Help


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hi, im currently level 70 combact, F2P, and NOT a pure.




i decided to train ranged one day and havent stopped.




so here are my stats:


att: 47


str: 66


def: 44


range: 75


magic: 60


prayer: 45


hitpoints: 68




im thinking of pking with ranged, but i need some help. (e.g. what should i develop, etc)




Since i am f2p, my max hit is 12 with addy on rapid. i am aiming for 77 range so i can do 13s. (by then i will be cb lvl 71)




any advice on how to pk, where to pk, what to bring with me on pking trips, will really help me




please dont tell me to create a pure account, because i would like to pk on this one.




thank you very much in advance

99 Ranged F2P achieved 21 November (2961st)


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