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oke that is usefull..but is it realy recommed? or can i do without...




ive done priest in peril...




my stats are:


70 attack, 70 str, 65 defence, 70 hp, 51 prayer, 62 magic and realy close to 60 rang

- I'm not proud of everything I've done, but I have no regrets


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Nature Spirit allows you to cross the marsh without your food being destroyed and theres an altar on the other side. Desert Treasure allows you teleport to Canafis more easily. Shades of Mortton allows use of the nearby general store if you are noting your items selling them and buying them back. In Search of the Myreque gives you a safer short cut through the marsh, but you miss out the altar. In Aid of the Myreque gives you a nearby bank.




And I'd say you'd be able to do it with those stats, although higher mage, prayer and range might help ( you do not want to melee the brothers at your lvl)



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