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Red Dragons. Are there safespots.


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Are there any safespots for red dragons at the brimhaven dungeon? I would like to range them. If so would 74 range work well on them?




If there are no range spots would these stats work ok for them. 73 at 71 str 71defence 48 prayer 74 hits. thanks for any help

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Um hello? There ARE safespots. It's been so long since i've been there I don't remember the exact spots, hopefully someone else can give better advice. There are a few around the rocks and one to the north, I think? where there is a small opening that the dragons can't fit into, but the wild dogs and baby dragons can fit into, but they will stop auto attacking after some time. I wouldn't recommend meeleing them even with a super set, When my stats were in the 90s I still used up loads of food trying to meelee them. Either try to find the spots on another website, ask some other people, or go there yourself until you find them.

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