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a runescape story


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i decided to quit playing RS early 2004 because of the new RS2 launch, heartbroken with Jagex. therefore i sold all of my 7 santas and other items to my friends, almost all of whom quit later too. but now i decided to restart playing because of a recent move and i'm just really bored. and all i have left is a pair of bunny ears (thank god i didnt throw this away) and some other items. it's weird that there are so many new players and it almost seem like a complete different game. i have no desire to start over in order to return to the glorious days, and horrified to find i could have over 100 million if i was smarter. perhaps i could find some sympathizers here?

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You can still become filthy rich. I started playing Nov. 2, 05 and at one point had 75m+ and have only ever played the free version of the game. The only problem is that I was keylogged, lost 30M, yada, yada, yada. The thing is, you can make a comeback and get going again. If you are bored with your first account create a pure account and make it your main. :) Sorry about your loss, I figured it was obvious to everyone that when santa's came out they would be rare, all of the other past holiday items were rising in price at that time..




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Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


Rebooting Runescape



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