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How do you get Rune Kite Shield (h3) ?


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That's right ... (h3) .... I didn't believe it myself, until someone put it in the trade screen on a free server.




It's basically rune coloured, but the front is sectioned into four areas, with a diagonal two of those areas having purple-yellowish "blotchy" markings.




For all I know (and i don't), there may be versions of this in other metals (addy, etc.), maybe other armor types besides kite-shields, and if there is an (h3) .. then is there perhaps also (h1), (h2), (h4), etc. ??




Does anyone know where these things come from, and what variety actually exists?




EDIT (after RAHK's reply): Holy cow! There is certainty variety aplenty. Well, thanks for all the information and cool pics.

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