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I am soon going to do some serious merchanting. I have a couple idea's on what to merchant but I would like to see what other people have found successful. Post what items you have found successful, how much u make and some specifics on selling and buying. I have between 600k-800k to spend to begin with so keep that in mind.




If one of the idea's posted work well, I will give 5% of my profit to that person. Thanks.

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I have mechanted quite a bit and i like to buy and sell coal.


It's fairly easy to buy and sell.


You go to a world with less people and start saying "Buying all coal"




I ussually buy for around 150 each and sell anywhere from 180 to 190,


some sell for 200....but it's easier to sell for a lil less.




It is best to merchant coal at fally east bank.




Good luck & have fun! \'

RSN: Miner___13 < that's 3 underscores


F2P and drug free...for LIFE!

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buy 4k coal and 2k iron with 800k




(100 ea for iron 150 ea for coal in less populated worlds)




make into c balls sell 200 ea




1.6 mil




doubled your money




also about 80k xp in that so if ur looking for some smithing xp

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well i got 2 ideas both i have done and both work very well. What i did was buy flax 100ea or pick it then spin it. this is a little bit of work but u sell bow string 180 ea thats doubline ur bling! also buy cannons 500k-550k and sell for 600k its too easy well good luck with it!!

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