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What should I train melee skills on?


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I want something with decent drops (So no Experiments/Rock Crabs/etc), though it doesn't have to have amazing drops. Slayer has been irritating me, so that's out of the question. So, can I train on Fire Giants without using a ridiculous amount of food? Or should I train on something else?




I use a whip with full rune except for a Beserker Helm. Not enough money for Guthan's (otherwise I'd train on Fire Giants with that). Stats are in the sig.




I've been trying Pest Control... That's an option, but I'd like some other possibilities too.




Thanks for the help.



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Dragons are fairly good, thet drop dones and hides for cash. If you've done recipe for disaster then training on the black dragons in lost city could be good for drops etc.




Fire giants are also good, but often crowded.

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For melee I have found that you really get one or the other. I would personally do Melee training on something like experiments, and then train ranged on something like Fire Giants or Dusties for the good drops. That is if you want to level quicker anyway...

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