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  1. Thanks :D. Sorry i havnt posted recently, I've been busy with rl.
  2. Are you sure they are not just deleting private server and rule breaking videos? There are thousands of pking videos on youtube, i doubt they would delete them all.
  3. The level :D: Me and a friend with 99 capes: Ring-a-ring-a-roses: 97 farming:
  4. Thanks :). Well it hasn't changed too much actually :shock: . Just a little less cash ;). No, i have never been a member of SS, but i do know a fair number of the members. 99 crafting should be here within a week. 1mil to go :D.
  5. Thanks everyone! I just got 98, but missed the picture.
  6. I'm sorry to see you leave, but also pleased that you will be able to start having fun in real life. Good luck with everything, it's been great knowing you.
  7. Greetings :) Firstly, I would like to apologise for never getting around to selling you those birds nests. I have just gotten back from a 2 month break of rs, and you have already mastered the herblore skill, so, sorry i never got them to you in time. Secondly, I have a small supply of watermelons if you would like them. I believe around 1.4k, although i will start harvesting them again if you need more than that. And lastly....Good luck :D. It's nice to be back and playing rs, but even nice to know that you were still skilling away will my account lay redundant. Congratulations with 99 herblore, and the farming levels so far :). I look forward to watching you get 99 farming (most likely before i do ;) ). Ps - the Pictures of your house do not appear to be working #-o
  8. Wow, that will take a while, but i'm sure you can do it! Best of luck, and i look forward to watching your progress.
  9. Ok, i'm back. After a while of WoW, i've now bought a years members and i will be back on going for 99 farming and crafting :D.
  10. Congratulations on everything so far( =D> ), and good luck with everything to come :). I think the herblore cape is one of the nicest, but the emote is rather a disapointment..."bleh". I'm sure you'll add it to your collection in no time.
  11. Havn't been on rs much this past week, i got addicted to pacman :-$ Anyway, 150k to 96 :)
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