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Royal Trouble: is it worth it?


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I'm about to finish Royal Trouble and last time I left money in the coffers I got ripped off even though I had 100% rating. I heard this quest is suppose to make the rewards better so I want to know if there is anything worth getting from this method. I'm looking to get herbs and seeds, but coal and logs would be good too. :D Also, if this is a good idea, how much should I leave in the coffers?



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um... hell yes its worth it. In the general forums there is apost showing details of his rewards... and they are worth it. Its also on tip.it minigame guides (i think...). Also, put as much gp in as possible. 7.5m max

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You need to keep at least 750k in the coffers at all times. I usually go after seeds and herbs as well. I normally leave mine on 100% maple logs and 50% herbs, sometimes changing up the herbs for farming or flax dependinn on what Im working. If yuo leave750k in coffers it will take the max amount of 75k out a day. For 75k a day I normally get 892 maples logs and 8 birds nests, and anywhere from 40 to 50 herbs. I keep the herbs and seeds for myself and sell the maples for 100gp each and crush the birds nests and sell them for 2k each. For the 75k I put in everyday I get back out at least 105k on the maples and birds nest, which leaves me with free herbs and tree seeds. If yuo dont need that many maple logs you always change up the 100% to something like 80 % and raise your herbs to 70%. The quest is worth doing if you have money to keep in your coffers. Also make sure you go back everyday to get your favorability up to 100%.

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